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Czech Art-Blues Band, The BladderStones, Celebrate 10 years With New Single 'Confused Rennie'

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: Tomas Moudry

Confused Rennie is the second released track by The BladderStones from the forthcoming album Toilet Fame, which comes out on 17th October. The trio of musicians with experience in international collaborations with British musicians such as Elles Bailey, Troy Redfern, Matt Woosey, Alice Armstrong, Mike Ross, and Will Wilde will celebrate their 10th anniversary with a studio release and a tour around the Czech Republic.

The lyrics of the song, which mixes elements of blues, jazz, and art-rock with playful melodies and melancholic soundscapes, the author, focuses on the fate of an individual living outside of nowadays social standards. Is it possible for a street child to be happier than a man who is burdened by the expectations of his surroundings?

"The pressures and stresses of modern times can make it hard for people to avoid the comfortable idea of a carefree existence from time to time. Looking at the guy surviving in my birth town, unencumbered by anything except the need for food and other substances, as he wanders contentedly through his earthly sojourn, I get struck with these thoughts a little more intensely. That much that it inspired me to write a song," describes the author Tomas Frolik the background of the song.

The BladderStones consist of three experienced musicians led by guitarist and vocalist Tomas Frolik, one of the most talented and respected guitarists of his generation in the Czech Republic, bassist and vocalist Jan "Johnny" Judl (also playing in the Czech bands Jablkon or Uz jsme doma, and others) and drummer and vocalist Michael Nosek (playing also in the Czech bands Personal Highway, eggnoise or Jana Lota). The combination of their skills and the distinctive approach to instrumental arrangements, the maturity of the players and the insight and sense of humour that emanates from the name of the band itself have earned the trio popularity and success not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. They have repeatedly performed in Germany, Slovakia, Finland and Turkey. In 2017, The BladderStones released their debut album Without Cover.

During their autumn tour on the occasion of the release of the album Toilet Fame, they will travel all over the Czech Republic, including a special concert at JazzDays Slany together with British musician Will Wilde. Jazz Dock, the internationally renowned Prague club, will host the album release show on November 11th. As part of the program of the 27th edition of the largest Central European blues festival Blues Alive in Sumperk, they will share the stage with such popular names of the genre as Tommy Castro & The Painkillers or Robert Finley. The band is preparing for a tour in Germany in spring 2024.



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