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Classical Music’s Most Unlikely Rising Star Battles Adversity To Release Debut Album

Six Nights is to release his debut album, 21, a remarkable achievement from a classical artist with no formal training and a life, which has seen him, battle against adversity. Faced with bullying and racism due to his mixed-race heritage, he chose the piano as an outlet for both his frustration and creativity. His compositions take inspiration from not only traditional classical artists but also R&B, hip-hop and film scores, creating tracks which are subtly intricate and moving.

With a British father and a French-Moroccan mother, Six Nights had a difficult time at school, not feeling he fitted in amongst the other pupils and suffering racially motivated bullying due to his skin tone. When his parents split up when he was eight years old, he found solace in the piano in his family home, the same instrument he still plays now aged 21. Performing his first composition in the school hall aged only 12, He was encouraged by both his father and mother to continue composing his own material and would run home from school every lunchtime to practice. As time progressed, whilst his friends dreamed of becoming hiphop megastars, Six Nights saw releasing an album of his piano compositions as his goal.

The lockdown during the COVID-pandemic proved to be the catalyst to Six Nights releasing his debut album, a struggle with depression leading to hooking up with a producer to professionally record the compositions he had recorded on his i-Phone. Six Nights is not a suit-wearing formal pianist – you’re far more likely to find him in a tracksuit – but his thoughtful, highly emotive album is hopefully a demonstration to other young people and music fans that classical music is for everyone and can be interpreted in many different ways.


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