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Chart-Topping Producer Sam Feldt Teams Up With Rising Pop Sensation JVKE & Global Latin Star Anitta To Deliver 'Mi Amor'

Sam Feldt

Chart-topping producer Sam Feldt has teamed up with rising pop sensation JVKE and global Latin star Anitta to deliver the captivating latin dance-pop track “Mi Amor.” With its vibrant Latin influences and infectious summer vibes, the single is poised to enchant audiences worldwide and become a 2024 summer’s favorite. 

JVKE, known for his innovative sound, has quickly amassed a massive following. His recent hit “Golden Hour” has cumulated over a billion streams, marking him as a significant figure in contemporary pop. Anitta, a global powerhouse, brings her multilingual expertise and dynamic performance style to the track, adding a rich multicultural dimension. With “Mi Amor,” Sam Feldt, JVKE, and Anitta collaborate to produce a track that goes beyond music, offering a captivating journey through the search for love and the joy of finding it. 

Exploring themes of love and connection through lively horn sections and infectious Latin rhythms, “Mi Amor” has been a transformative experience for Sam Feldt. Developed over two years, the journey began when Feldt connected with JVKE. JVKE’s initial vocals captivated Feldt, who then integrated the live band’s horn section to craft an organic, Latin-leaning, poppy track. Anitta’s addition brought a multilingual richness, enhancing the song’s global appeal. The dedication of all involved ensured the creation of a sure-fire hit. 

With its infectious energy and heartfelt narrative, “Mi Amor” promises to leave a lasting mark on the music landscape. From JVKE’s emotive vocals to Anitta’s dynamic delivery, every aspect of this track showcases the immense talent and creative synergy of these three artists. As anticipation builds for the release of “Mi Amor,“ it’s evident that this collaboration is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene, marking a defining moment in the careers of Sam Feldt, JVKE, and Anitta. 

Sam Feldt



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