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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Karen Morand Releases 'Easy' for that Perfect Summer Road Trip

With driving rhythms, soaring vocals, and wailing blues harp, Easy comes bouncing in evoking memories of a perfect summer road trip. Using the Detroit River as her muse, singer-songwriter, Karen Morand explores the arc of life, overcoming, letting go, and leaving worry behind. The road ahead is unknown, but open and hopeful with the stereo turned up loud. It's the second of 4 new singles releasing in advance of her January 2022 album "Ghost Hotel".

Armed with original songs and feisty, powerhouse vocals, Karen Morand delivers a soul-stirring show: lively, alt- folk with well-worn blues and gritty gospel on the side.

Karen radiates with energy in live performances both solo and when accompanied by her acoustic trio The Bosco Boys (Benny Santoro on cajon/drums and Aaron Verhulst on guitar, pedal steel and mandolin). A graduate from the University of Windsor’s music therapy program, Karen enjoys experimenting as a multi-instrumentalist - guitar, ukulele, accordion and the banjo. As a recipient of the 2016 Canada South Songwriting Contest, Karen’s songs celebrate the joys and broken parts of real life.

In concert, Karen performs original songs spanning her four album releases, alongside folk classics and new favourites from her songwriter friends. She appears live both as a versatile soloist and accompanied by the Bosco boys. Since her first studio release, 'Carry On' in 2012, followed by 'I Think I'll Lose My Mind Today' in 2014, and Junkyard Heart in 2016, Karen has maintained an intense schedule of performances throughout Canada. Karen has brought her music to eclectic backdrops including inner-city churches, stages tucked deep into the Ontario forest, classrooms, living rooms, and concert halls.

Her first solo and most recent release, “Every Flash of Light” (2018) is an EP including co-writes with Nashville songwriters Steve Hindalong (the Choir), Kelly Kessler and Linda McRae (Spirit of the West). Other collaborations include her recent pairing with internationally renowned bluesman, Manitoba Hal Brolund as bluesy gospel Americana duo, “Even the Bird Was Free.”

Highlights of Karen's musical adventures feature showcases at the Songwriters' Symposium and SWERFA, both in Austin, Texas, sold-out performances at The Bank Theatre in Leamington, appearances at the Winterfolk, Blue Skies, and Kingsville Folk Festivals, and joining the Windsor Symphony Orchestra to perform her original song as part of the Six String Nation project.


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