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Canadian Indie-Rockers Whale and the Wolf Release 'Veins' Rolling out a Limited NFT Collection

Whale and the Wolf's music spans deep and treacherous ground, making it difficult for them to hide the genuine thrill and enjoyment felt with each live performance. Refusing to let a single show pass without spilling their guts across the stage, the band continues to leave their audience thirsting for more.

An independent band with five singles charting in the Top 40 for Canadian Active Rock, and 22 unique Canadian cities visited on their last two tours alone, Whale most recently teamed up with Grammy Nominated producer Jimmy Mansfield and Paul Rogers to help nurture Whale and the Wolf’s constantly evolving sound.

Now armed with a new lineup, and a fresh take on the rock genre, Whale’s “hard pop” is beginning to make waves.

The band are very excited to announce the release of their first NFTVeins’ coinciding with the release of the new single.

No idea what an NFT is? ... Read on ...

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Basically people have figured out how to attach a fingerprint to a digital file. ‘Minting’ that file attaches a smart contract making it possible to trace the origin of that file back to it’s creation. The craziest example of this was the documented burning of a Banksy piece. The piece was scanned so that there could be a minted “Official NFT (Digital Version)” and then they Burned The Original so that the NFT would be the only version in existence. Transferring the value of the physical piece onto the NFT.

Whale and The Wolf have announced that with the release of Their upcoming EP ENVY, they will be rolling out a limited NFT collection through Rarible. Each single off the album will be paired with an NFT release. Five copies of each NFT will be minted and available for sale.

They will not be creating any future copies so these will be the only in existence. Each NFT will include additional ‘Unlockables’ via a private download link which is only visible to the owner.

Unlockables for each NFT include:

High Resolution Render of 'Single' Animation (.mp4)

Animated GIF version of ‘Single’ Animation (.gif)

Instrumental version of 'Single' (.wav)

The actual ProTools session of 'Single’ minus linked audio (.ptx)

High Resolution screen grab of the entire 'Single' ProTools session (.jpg)





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