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Boston-Bred Denver-Based Jam-Rock Outfit The Jauntee Have Released Their New Album 'Anything'

By Stevie Connor.

Boston-bred, Denver-based jam-rock outfit The Jauntee have released their new album Anything, available today via Regime Music Group. The new 13-song collection was recorded at the band’s former live-work studio space in Longmont, Colorado, utilizing the downtime during the pandemic to craft their most polished, elaborate, and evocative album to date and their first studio effort since 2015’s Excelsior. In celebration of the release, the band has shared a brand new animated lyric video for the album’s sixth track, “Aba Bagulya”.

Further detailing the playful storytelling in “Aba Bagulya,” drummer Scott Ferber reveals, “Aba Bagulya is someone we all know. He’s a little strange, maybe a little sketchy but he knows how to have a good time. He’s the type of guy who’s fun to be around… in small amounts.”

Unlike past releases, Anything will see the debut of six brand-new songs that have never been performed live, an element that leaves Ferber and his bandmates eagerly anticipating fleshing them out on the road and garnering fan response, especially after previewing the album with three additional single releases. “Howlin’ Hound” is a bright, upbeat homage to canine companions and the notion to appreciate what you have at the moment as well as foundational relationships in one’s life. “Ishmael” is a quirky, sing-a-long tune with lyrics based on author Daniel Quinn’s critically-acclaimed novel, Ishmael, which is presented as a Socratic dialogue between a talking gorilla named Ishmael and an unnamed narrator. It challenges the belief that humans are exceptions to the laws of nature and entitled to exist above ideas and framework set for a sustainable planet. The lead single “Brick by Brick” imparts a theme of togetherness and lifting each other up leading off an album that sees a band that continues to rise on the circuit hone in on an even more mature sound exuding dedication to their long-term commitment to the project.

Of the finished product, Ferber proclaims, “I’m proud to say that Anything is The Jauntee’s finest studio effort to date. Recording it ourselves during the pandemic gave us the opportunity to really fine-tune solos and song arrangements. We spent a lot of time on vocal harmonies and instrument overdubs of all sorts. We made a conscious effort to make the songs sound as full as possible using 'studio magic' and layering without worrying about how the live arrangements will sound. I think this collection of tunes will stand on their own as unique versions that can be revisited and enjoyed for different reasons than their respective ‘live’ versions.”

In addition to Ferber, The Jauntee features Caton Sollenberger (guitar & vocals), Tyler Adams (keyboards & vocals), and John Loland (bass), who have garnered a road warrior reputation for clocking in over one hundred shows a year and earning a name for themselves to engage fans through nightly explorations in risk-taking and expansive set lists chock full of improvisational moments that embrace living in the element of the live performance setting. Like trailblazers of the scene who have imparted a culture of dedication and surprise, The Jauntee follow suit by garnering a fanbase who thoroughly analyze and passionately promote their music through word of mouth and grassroots efforts. Their dedication doesn’t go unnoticed as the band crafts every show as a well-rounded concoction of shared experiences, bust-outs, and refined improvisation giving their fans a reason to continue to come back and spread the word.

After a successful late spring run in the Pacific Northwest and Colorado appearances at The Mishawaka supporting G. Love & Special Sauce and Elevation Music Festival, The Jauntee will celebrate the release of Anything at Cervantes’ Other Side on August 19th.



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