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Blues & Roots Radio 5th Annual International Song Contest Category Finalists Announced

By Stevie Connor.

The Blues & Roots Radio 5th Annual International Song Contest this year was judged by an independent panel of Ten (10) jurors who are all currently part of the Worldwide Blues & Roots Radio team, they are all active in their music communities in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia, a number of the jurors sit on regional and national award panels in their respective countries.

This year the competition was so strong that the jurors were given extra time to go over the many songs that were entered from all over the world. The quality and diversity of genres that came in from entrants is testament to the far reaching listenership that the award winning station pulls in. Songs were submitted from Australia, Canada, The United States, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Spain, Latvia, Estonia, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Japan, Indonesia and more. Listed below are the chosen finalists in each category.

We spoke to Blues & Roots Radio's President, Anne Connor, who is based in Toronto, Canada, about this year's contest, she said, "We were delighted and a little overwhelmed by the number of entries again this year, and were very pleased to see such a diverse range of genres that artists are performing under, although it's always difficult to pigeon hole. We gave the selected jurors an extra week to go through the submissions, and I know they had some very difficult decisions to make as the field was very strong. I'd like to thank everyone who submitted a song, a number of artists submitted more than one, we wish all the category finalists good luck. I'd also like to thank this years sponsors, Global Learning Solutions, Cooper Mediation and The Sound Cafe, without their input and support the competition would not be possible."

The category winners will be announced on January 25th 2023, and the overall winning song will be announced on January 30th 2023.

Blues & Roots Radio Worldwide was established in 2013 by professional musicians and music lovers, an independent global online platform was created for artists to be heard by as wide an audience as possible. From their headquarters in Ontario, Canada and office in Victoria, Australia they broadcast over forty radio shows, most of which are exclusively produced for their network from around the world.

Blues & Roots Radio continues to expand, evolve and maintain the highest standards of artistic content. They have developed a unique network of media partners, affiliations and friends around the world who share their passion and values, and work together to advance opportunities for artists to be heard and read about globally. ​

The international Song Contest was launched 5 years ago and is designed to nurture the musical talent of songwriters on all levels, both amateur and professional, and promote excellence in the art of song craft.

Previous winners of this coveted award include: Terra Spencer (Canada), Colin Clyne (Scotland), Lynne Hanson (Canada), and Thornetta Davis (USA).

Category Finalists

Duo | Trio | Band Category Finalists

  • Andrew Bate & Chloe Gorman - Flowers On My Grave

  • Andre Bisson Band - The Ballad Of Lucy Stone

  • Andres Roots feat Lorete Medne - Solitaire

  • Andres Roots feat Louie Digman - Alligator Blues

  • Emma Gale - Love Got The Better Of Me

  • igoodea - Winter Sun

  • Jeff Plankenhorn - Piece Of Cake (feat. Emily Gimble)

  • Jeff Plankenhorn - Trouble Find Me

  • John Duer & the Blues Freaks - Baby, Wont You Come Back Home

  • Matt Storch & The Miles Between - 18 Wheels

  • Mermaid Avenue - Prisoner

  • Mist & Wing - Country Mile

  • Pamela Ward & Paul Cherrington - Sail On By

  • Pete Temple & The Cornerstones - What is The Blues

  • Robert Hill & SJ - Maybe You Will Someday

  • Rusty Creek - Hello Old Friend

  • Smiling Jack Smith - Nowhere To Go But Up

  • Stacey MacNeil & Jonathon Smith - Lies

  • Sun-Pinned Leaves - Monterey Bay

  • Vince Vanguard - Broken Bones

Female Category Finalists

  • Ashley Puckett - Anchor

  • Ashley Puckett - Tequila

  • Christina Hutt - I Should Have Changed

  • Christina Hutt - Thought You'd Always Be My Man

  • Emma Gale - She'll Never Be Me

  • Emily Brown - Weren't There

  • Evelyn Laurie - My Scottish Heart

  • I, Claudia - The Envy Of Kings

  • Izzy Burns - Bandaids On Bruises

  • Izzy Burns - Guessing Game

  • Laura Keating - Blue Water

  • Lucie Tiger - Burn It Down

  • Madison Galloway - The River

  • Melissa Jane Carroll - Where Are You Chris

  • Mia Kelly - Garden Through The War

  • Ruth Hazelton - Aphelion

  • Shirley Jackson - Before It's Over

  • Ingrid Gerdes - Red Bird

  • Ingrid Gerdes - The Weight Of Blood

  • Isobel Thatcher - Wings

Male Category Finalists

  • Andre Bisson - Down The Line

  • Cormac O Caoimh - When My Kids Grow Too Old To Hold Hands

  • Cory M. Coons - Freedom Road

  • Daniel Cook - Lucky

  • Dougal - Beat Up Old Ford

  • Ian David Green - White Sand, Black Star

  • Jason Baker - The Dream Of Peace

  • Joel Brogon - Little Warbler

  • Jeff Plankenhorn - Bird On The 9th

  • Kayulta (Solo) - Anither Wey (fae thi steamhaimer)

  • Kenny MacDonald - Don't You Be A Stranger

  • Keyon Harris - The Devil

  • Mark LeCornu - Sunflower

  • Matt Storch - Rhythm Of The Road

  • Oatpod - Sense Of Place

  • Smiling Jack Smith - New Shoes Blues

  • SOHM - In The Morning

  • Sun King Rising - No. 6 Magnolia Avenue

  • Victor Nesrallah - The Train Don't Stop Here No More

  • Vince Vanguard - Let Me Go


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