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Berlin-based Cairn McBain Releases New Single/Video Ahead Of Upcoming Album

Cairn McBain plays and writes songs rooted in Blues & Folk & Country music that are very much his own. Virtuouse, heartfelt and well crafted.

The title ‘Gies It’ is a Scottish colloquialism that means “give it to me”. Amongst Cairn McBain's native and non-native English speaking Berlin-friends alike (especially in a certain bar in Wedding) it has metamorphosed into something more than that, meaning also to succeed, to work hard on something, to perform sexual intercourse or to simply hand something over as intended in its original meaning. ‘Gies It!’ Was recorded along with ten other tracks in a village near Lyon, France with Cairns longtime collaborator and friend, Raoul Vignal, a successful and enigmatic performer, writer and producer in his own right, to form McBain's upcoming album, Where I’m Bound.

To underline the sometimes humorous pursuit of romance in the face of rejection, the video features a character full of bravado and confidence singing karaoke to two displeased ladies who are more interested in engaging in gluttony with food, rather than men. The actors are professional dancers, burlesque performers and authors Mia Onacid and Edie Montana, as well as musician, actor and writer Luke Hawkins. The video was created by Fruit Salat Films, a collective of creatives consisting of Nick Scholey, Merle Sibbel and Mark Hunt who have previously worked on productions for The Overmorrow Project, The Peepshow and The Berlin Strippers Collective as well as countless music videos for Berlin-based music acts such as Orian, 4 Oceans, Olivia Void, James Michael Rodgers, Mone, Michael Brinkworth, Jessie Monk, and many more. Cairn McBain is an acoustic solo-performer with roots both in Hanover, Germany and Glasgow, Scotland. He is currently based in Berlin and is an active part of the vibrant Folk scene there. He has toured extensively across mainland Europe and parts of China and has released two albums, one solo The World, The Women & I and one with his first band The Wasters (Belief in Action). Concerts by him are a must-see event and are often packed out. His mix of delta-blues, Scottish folk traditions and his intricate playing style coupled with his strong vocal delivery make his shows something to remember. He is regarded as one of the best songwriters in the Berlin folk and blues scenes. His material covers heartache, substance abuse, the search for home and has some comedic elements too.


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