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Australian Underdogs Sons Of The East Have Released Highly-Anticipated Debut Album 'Palomar Parade'

Soulful and melodic, the album is the band’s unique take on celebrating the untidy chaos of everyday life, transcending genre while staying true to the band’s timeless style.

Speaking about the record, Sons of the East say:

“Palomar Parade is all of our favourite songs written over the last two years. Some came to us in a day, some came to us over the course of a year, but all of them shone in the sometimes-brutal process of making a record.”

To commemorate the release, Sons of the East have also premiered this video for the featured highlight: "Another Night". Arriving with visuals that showcase the killer live show, the footage is captured from their time on the road touring extensively across the UK and Europe over the last few weeks.

Sons of the East may be the biggest band you’ve not yet heard of. An under-the-radar success story, racking up hundreds of millions of streams and selling out shows across Europe, North America and Australia without ever straying from their independent roots. Growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, bandmates Dan Wallage, Nic Johnston and Jack Rollins have amassed an impressive 300 million streams, touring extensively across the globe selling over 30,000 headline tickets and performing to an estimated 100,000+ people to date.

Starting out with "just a handful of songs and a great live show”, the band have gained a reputation for their stellar live performances, accruing a dedicated and truly global fanbase through multiple sold out tours reaching all corners of the world.

Drawing on classic folk and country blues influences including Bob Dylan, The Band, Neil Young and British heroes The Rolling Stones and The Kinks, the band’s motley acoustic-electric sound has become a unique and charismatic trademark: soulful, joyous and irresistible.

"For us this album doesn’t represent just one theme. We wanted to create a record that explores multiple ideas and transcends the traditional boundaries of genre. Being human is a messy business. It’s painful, it’s joyous, it’s mundane, it’s exciting. The process of creating this album was a similar experience, and we can't wait to take these songs to the stage."

With a mutual love of surfing [and Jack Johnson], Sons Of The East’s songs resonate with an understated elegance that often belies a deeper emotional punch, gliding effortlessly across genres. The haunting harmonica of You Might Think against a deep and insistent beat evokes memories of classic Springsteen. Not All My Fault is a stripped bare soul duet between vocal and piano while Another Night is destined to be another stomping live anthem.

"We love that dynamic of a heartbreaker to a stomper with the audience singing every lyric. It gets wild and it’s so much fun.”

Palomar Parade is a reflection of time and place in the band's career and friendship. As the band add:

“This album was recorded in a number of different places around Sydney, but we took the name of the album from our final (and favourite) recording location. The Palomar Parade studio had us at our most productive, spending the days writing and recording these tracks in between coffee breaks and surf checks. For us the greatest luxury was not having a high tech studio, but a space close to home with some sun and plenty of time to be creative.”

The band are mid-way through their world tour having sold out shows in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto and Boston to date, tickets for remaining shows available from: Palomar Parade is out now.


Oct 1 - Milan

Oct 2 - Barcelona

Oct 3 - Madrid

Oct 5 - Stuttgart

Oct 6 - Zurich

Oct 8 - Munich

North America

Oct 11 - Washington

Oct 13 - New York

Oct 15 - Philadelphia

Oct 17 - Charlotte SOLD OUT

Oct 19 - Atlanta

Oct 20 - Nashville

Oct 21 - Decator

Oct 22 - Dallas

Oct 23 - Austin

Oct 26 - West Hollywood

Oct 27 - San Francisco

Oct 29 - Seattle

Oct 30 - Portland

Nov 1 - Vancouver

Nov 3 - Salt Lake City

Nov 4 - Denver

Nov 6 - Chicago

Nov 7 - Ann Arbor

Nov 8 – Toronto SOLD OUT

Nov 10 – Boston SOLD OUT


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