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Australian Singer-Songwriter Robyn Martin Releases Title Track From Her Forthcoming Debut Album

By Stevie Connor.

Golden Guitar nominee, Robyn Martin, first released her original songs with alt-country trio The New Graces in 2020. Their album, Seasons, hit no.1 on the ARIA Australian Country Album chart, and was nominated for four Golden Guitar Awards in 2021. The title track ‘Seasons’, penned by Martin, was a finalist in the International Songwriting Awards 2021.

Now Robyn Martin releases the title track from her debut album. Milk & Honey is a hard hitting track tackling the complexities of Australia’s history. A call to face up to and own the history, a grappling with letting go of white privilege and a call to connection.

Produced by David Ross Macdonald (The Waifs) and featuring musicians including Nick Keeling (Mustard Courage), Heath Cullen and Djinama Yilaga - Intergenerational Yuin Choir reclaiming Dhurga language. The track is thick with collaboration & community.

The film clip by Andrew Robinson, features British Nuclear Bomb Test survivor Nanna Sue Coleman-Haseldine, Djinama Yilaga and stunning landscape from Googatha, Arrernte & Wirunga Country of South Australia and the Northern Territories.

With ARIA chart hitting songs and national & international songwriting recognition in her back pocket from her releases with trio The New Graces, Robyn launches her solo project. With a sound that is distinctly Australian, her music traverses a wide terrain from deep pocket soul, mixed with heart warming, thought provoking folk sensibilities, to the occasional banjo driven hoedown singalong and a sprinkle of grungy angst rock.

Based in Candelo NSW, Martin is also a sought after session musician and performs with many acts including Djinama Yilaga, Benji & The Saltwater Sound System, Scott Cook (CAN), Flats & Sharps (UK), Heath Cullen, Jackie Marshall, Pete Wild, Jodi Martin, Kate Fagan, Claire Anne-Taylor, The Davidson Brothers, Den Hanrahan, and Luke Plumb & The Circuit.



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