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Australian Four Piece Winchester Revival On A Mission To Bring Real Rock ‘n’ Roll Back To The World

You’ve only got to listen to the opening of Winchester Revival’s newest release Born for the Road out on October 14th to understand the Brisbane based Australian rock four piece are truly on a mission, and it is to bring back rock ‘n ’roll just like it used to be, rock ‘n’ roll that needs to be turned up to 11 on the amp!

As Jack Dylan, rhythm guitarist and self-confessed left-handed lover of Gibson’s and Les Paul’s explains, ‘We have been on a mission to get heard and to bring back real rock n roll to the world, it’s what the ‘Revival’ part stands for in our name, to revive rock n roll. It seems too many bands that were big 30+ years ago are flooding the scene and young up and coming bands like ourselves are being buried.’

The band are made up of Jackson Allan (Lead Singer & amp Guitarist), Dane Hogno (Drums), Josh Moore (Bass), and Jack Dylan (Rhythm Guitar) and each ahs their own unique style and unique story but together what they create is jump on the table and live life to the full rock music pure and simple.

To understand their music more fully you need to get a grip of what makes each tick, Jackson is in love with guitar, he has a small but valuable and sentimental collection of guitars that he uses, he has a 90’s built Krammer as his main guitar & a 1970’s Yamaha SG lawsuit guitar. Jack is a bit more ‘basic’ when it comes to guitars, he is left handed as mentioned already and is proud that he ‘just uses what his idols have because they seem to be fail proof’. Josh is a multi- instrumentalist, while his main instrument is bass,, BUT, and it is a pretty good BUT, he can also play guitar, drums, violin and keys., so very much an all-rounder, and finally there is the band’s drummer Dane, and as is often the case with drummers, it’s the only instrument he can play, it is what he loves and what he focuses on pretty much day in day out, yet he often borrows other drummers kits, house kits at music venues. He is currently rocking a Joey Jordison signature snare though which as snares go he is pretty proud of!

There are so many aspects of the band that should reach out to new fans once they check their music out and more personal things that reach into their music like Jackson following in his dad’s footsteps as he too toured extensively and in part was Jackson’s inspiration as he says ‘I’ve always felt like I was born into the wrong generation, never felt at home with bubble gum pop, cheap lyrics, or marketable opinions. Give me a guitar, an amp, and a crowd of rowdy people in need of a release and I’m sold.’

Then Josh’s experiences mirror what many kids growing up go through and highlight the band’s inspiring under current, ‘Ever since the start of primary school, I can distinctly remember two things: music and bullying. I used to come home crying more times than not, because of someone taking my stuff, or bullying me at lunch time. But the other irreplaceable memories I have are the tunes my parents used to play on the drive home; classic rock, country, and everything in between. And as I progressed through school, people used to bully me less and less once they found out I played instruments. They saw what a unifying force music could be; and I’ve seen that I can instil passion and drive into the lives of many’.

Whilst the likes of Jack had a massive life changing moment that was hard to deal with, ‘I ended up clowning around at school during this time and eventually dropped out only a few months later to work in construction. Music was the only thing that kept me out of trouble and let me escape my problems. I would play (and still play) every single night for hours until I felt better. I always wanted to be in the biggest and baddest rock n roll band for as long as I can remember, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it’.

To date Winchester Revival have toured around Australia and have made connections with many bands and venues in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide but now is the time to take their journey onto a new road and look to draw in attention from the UK and beyond which the explosive new single Born for the Road is sure to do. So if you like your rock classic, or you like your rock, metal or you just like your rock to be heavy, then Winchester Revival may just be what you have been waiting for.


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