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Australian Artist Nieko Has Released A Powerful New Single 'Quiet Australian'

By Stevie Connor.

Australian artist Nieko has released a powerful new single, Quiet Australian. The track, which was inspired by the artist's experiences with the extreme bush fires of 2019-20 and the impact of COVID-19 on the arts community, encourages listeners to find the fire within and speak their truth.

"I wanted to write a song that reflects the challenges and struggles that many people, especially in the arts, have faced in recent years," said Nieko. "It's a reminder to never lose sight of our passion and to have the courage to speak up and be heard."

Quiet Australian showcases Nieko's unique blend of indie folk and surf rock and features the catchy refrain, "I'd forgotten that we were once young."

The track is a tribute to the resilience and determination of artists everywhere and is sure to inspire and empower listeners.

Blending moods of alt-country and surf folk with the sonic world of indie rock, it is a diverse pallet that Nieko draws from that makes his work immediately familiar yet distinctly its own. Inspired as much by an era of music gone by as current sonic trends and genre-defying pop music, Nieko manages to capture the essence of nostalgia, contemporary events, and the great unknown in a song.

Having toured both nationally and internationally, Nieko has played premier venues and festivals such as Peats Ridge and Open Arms and supported the likes of the Beautiful Girls, Blue King Brown, Ash Grunwald, Jeff Martin, and Jeff Lang.

As singer-songwriter with Costa Rae, Nieko’s songs have been played on JJJ, FBI, Rage and Max, as well as featured on several surf films.


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