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Australia's Pete Cullen, The Saltwater Cowboy, Is Back With A Cosmic Coastal Country Track

The Saltwater Cowboy is back with a Cosmic Coastal Country track. What exactly is this new genre you may well be asking.

Let’s explain. Pete Cullen is known as the Saltwater Cowboy because of his love of surfing and country music. That bit is easy. As for the Cosmic Country Coastal bit, the new song, ‘Talkin’ Honestly’, is one that combine’s both of Pete’s passions. To put it simply it would make both Kenny Rogers and Eddie Aikau weep in heaven. That’s a country and surfing reference in case you were wondering.

For this and future releases Pete has teamed up with newly formed Heartsville Records which is run by his long-time mate Jy-Perry Banks (aka Steeling Hearts) who also worked on the recording and production of the new song.

“Jy and I go back a few years but when he told me of this Cosmic Coastal Country sound he was chasing,” says Pete. “It was like a match made in The Eagles meets Kenny Rogers meets surfing vibes heaven.”

The genesis of ‘Talkin’ Honestly’ was pretty casual and straight-forward. It was an iPhone recording of a demo that Pete thought he would never record - but fate intervened. Fate can throw a few curve balls like that. Just like big waves.

“Like most song writers, I write every day,” Pete says. “My iPhone is full of songs of all kinds of genres but country is in my heart. Jy heard a few of these snippets and ideas and picked ‘Talkin’ Honestly’ which took me be by surprise but we got working on it and between us it has a totally new energy that I honestly wasn’t expecting.”

So there you have it. The song is ‘Talking’ Honestly’ and you file it – of course – under Cosmic Country Coastal.


Dec 17th - Leftys Music Hall

Jan 15th - The Tamworth (Heartsville Records showcase)

Jan 18 - Footstomp showcase Tamworth

Jan 19 - The Welders Dog Tamworth

Jan 20 - Wests Leagues Tamworth

Jan 29 - The Royal Mail Goodna

Feb 10 - Lulie, Melbourne

Feb - Syd dates tba

March 12 - Heartsville Hoedown Leftys Music Hall

Hailing from Brisbane, Pete is no newcomer to the music scene. He is already well known and highly respected by fellow musicians who often populate his full-house shows at Lefty’s Music Hall where he has been a resident muso for eight years .

Pete has performed on the main stages at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Gympie Muster, Winton Way Out West, Blues on Broadbeach and Groundwater festivals.

His music has been high rotation Triple J, ABC Radio National, Double L as well as community stations around Australia. He has released five albums since 2003 including Tom Whisky Blues with the legendary Rockwiz Orkestra whose band leader, James Black, also played on ‘High Tide’.

James says of his friend; “Pete Cullen is a singer songwriter with an awesome voice. He lives the musical life, loves the tradition and most importantly, he rocks hard! Whenever I’m in Brisbane if Pete is playing, I’m going find where he is, go see him and If he’ll let me, I wanna play with him.”.


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