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Andrea Robertson Has a Knack For Making Music That Gets Into Your System

Andrea Robertson has a knack for making music that gets into your system and feels immediately like an old friend.

The award-winning Australian artist from Ocean Grove, Victoria has released her new single – TIMELY REMINDER – which included a local launch at The Potato Shed on their new Covid-friendly outdoor stage.

Robertson has three independent releases under her belt and has rightly earned herself the reputation of being a humble, hard-working artist who knows how to put on a stellar show for audiences. Her big heart along with a whole lot of soul is evident in her writing, as is her eye for human folly.

Through a tasty fusion of blues, roots, folk, rock and alt-country, she brings you home with her, to the waves crashing on her favourite beach, to the beloved dog lying at her feet, to her incredibly talented family who often share the stage with her at shows.

TIMELY REMINDER was written during one of the earlier Covid lockdowns, and in typical fashion, is a beautifully recorded piece of relatable story-telling.

In sharing how the song came about Robertson says “Like everyone else and particularly those in the arts sector, covid dealt a severe blow to my career. Being a self-managed artist, you’re constantly switched on, you don’t feel like you can let your guard down for too long in case you miss a great opportunity. I had spent countless hours organising and co-ordinating a string of gigs, my first East Coast tour. That tour, along with all my regular bookings, was just completely swept away in one mighty hit.”

“Losing all of the gigs was one thing, but it was the loss of momentum caused by covid that was the hardest thing to deal with. And then I just hit a really dry patch with my song-writing. I had a lot of music, chord progressions and ideas all recorded into my phone, but the inspiration for lyrics seemed to have disappeared and I wasn’t happy with anything I was writing”.

“TIMELY REMINDER came along unexpectedly in the middle of this dry patch. I was sitting in the car waiting for my daughter to come out from an appointment. Luckily I had my song-writing book, a pencil and my travel guitar with me because the song was finished in that half hour timeslot waiting for my girl. And it’s now become my new single, and hopefully will form part of my next album.”

When the City of Greater Geelong announced they had a Covid Specific Arts Culture Heritage Grant which they were opening up to artists living within their municipality, Robertson decided to throw her name in the hat and was successful.

Not only has the grant covered the recording of her new single, but Robertson’s pitch in her application included having another local creative, Patrick Callow, prepare a clip to accompany the single release which includes footage at the songwriter’s home as well as various locations around the City of Greater Geelong during covid lockdown.

Patrick Callow is a brilliant photographer and videographer, and a great supporter of local artists. When I contacted him about getting involved in my project and he said “yes”, it felt like everything just fell into place perfectly. And he has captured some really beautiful footage of our region for the clip.”

Winner of the Queenscliff Music Festival’s Emerging Artist Grant (2017), Robertson has released two studio recordings, both of which feature the late, great Australian Blues Legend, Chris Wilson, and her newest release, a stunning live album titled ‘Live At New Hall’.

Born and bred in Geelong and calling the Bellarine Peninsula home for much of that time, Robertson was raised on a diet of musical greats, including Fleetwood Mac, Aretha Franklin, Blondie and Dylan, sounds that echo through her music today.

Described as “an opus of positivity…lined with persistence and gratitude” [Beat], Robertson’s music encapsulates the modern Australian experience.





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