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Alberta's Jake Ian is Set to Release New Album March 19th

Jake Ian is an Edmonton, Alberta based folk, roots singer-songwriter, his new album "Everything Has Holes" contains a collection of stripped back songs that are deeply personal to him.

The long dark winters, frantic harvests and endless gravel roads of northern Alberta have played a huge role in shaping the genuinely honest, shady and desperate characters that find their way into Jake Ian’s wonderfully authentic songs. Ian’s deep respect for the working man and obvious soft spot for the underdog makes its way into countless themes of real life, real love, heartbreak and persistence.

Whether performing alone or with his backing band, its Jake Ian’s intelligent and lyrically focused songwriting that always takes centre stage, winning him any number of admirers in Western Canada’s folk and country scene. He has toured and performed in bars, coffee shops, theatres, folk clubs and festivals across Canada and has shared the stage with performers such as Hawksley Workman, Kelly Joe Phelps, Devil Makes Three and Tim Hus.

Ian released his 7th album, “Half A Day Away” on CD, LP and digital platforms in May of 2020 to much critical acclaim. The songs within are neither lush and dreamlike; Ian walks the production balance-beam skillfully throughout, each song masterfully crafted and executed.

On March 19, 2021, Jake Ian will be releasing his newest collection of songs, the album is called "Everything Has Holes". He says of it "I’ve wanted to do a fully acoustic album for a long time now - guitar, voice and mouth harp - nothing else. I think I was scared of the nakedness. This is an incredibly personal album for me and I can’t wait to share it!"



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