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AIRE Create New Sound For Portugal's Traditional Folk Music and Dance on 'Danças de Porto de Mós'

Born between the turns of the mountains and the walls of the Porto de Mós castle, AIRE is a collective dedicated to recreating the repertoire of the folklore groups of this region of Portugal.

Integrated in the "Danças de Porto de Mós" (Porto de Mós Dances) project, promoted by the municipality of Porto de Mós, for the contemporary recreation of the traditional sounds of this region located in the Centre of Portugal, the band AIRE brings a new sound to the songs collected by the folcloric groups, maintaining a connection with the popular roots and continues the traditional dance.

Proposing arrangements designed for the transmission of traditional dances, this album is part of a new phase of the project, which aims to promote this repertoire outside its original territory. After a careful selection, which contemplated musical criteria, as well as choreographic, pedagogical and ethnographic criteria, these dances are now available to a wider audience.

The project "Danças de Porto de Mós" emerged in 2018, under the coordination of Marisa Barroso, focused on people and their culture, on the return to the traditional dance and on the meeting of several generations, based on training, research, pedagogical intervention and dissemination.

The dances of Porto de Mós convey the portrait of history and local culture, nurturing the relationship between memory and life in the present time. In addition to the Porto de Mós City Council, the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria and the Folklore Association of the Leiria Region - Alta Estremadura, the project partners are the 4 folklore groups in the municipality: Rancho Folclórico Luz dos Candeeiros, Rancho Folclórico de Mira de Aire, Rancho Folclórico de Pedreiras and Rancho Folclórico Sociedade Recreativa de Cabeça Veada


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