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A Conversation With Robert Connely Farr

Douglas McLean chats with Robert Connely Farr for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, they chat about Robert's new album 'Country Supper' and lots more.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

Singer-songwriter Robert Connely Farr (2019 Maple Blues Awards nominee for Songwriter & New Artist of the Year) grew up in the small southern town of Bolton, Mississippi, home of Charley Patton & The Mississippi Sheiks. He currently resides in Vancouver, BC. When he's in Mississippi, he can be found at the Blue Front Cafe in Bentonia with his friend & mentor Jimmy "Duck" Holmes.

His new album, ‘Country Supper’, is a mysterious exploration of the ancient Bentonia style of Delta blues, made famous by legendary Skip James and more recently, Farr’s mentor, Jimmy "Duck" Holmes. Rich, tonal and deeply moving, Farr’s songs and playing approach will take you through the ages, deep into the past, only to recognize the heart of human feeling flows through all of us, right here and now.


Cypress Grove

Dirty South Blues

Shake It

Girl In The Holler

I Ain't Dyin'

I know I've Been Changed

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE


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