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A Conversation With Howard Gladstone

Douglas McLean chats with Howard Gladstone for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, they chat about Howard's's latest album "The Promise".

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

The Promise”, a resonant collection of songs by Canadian songwriter Howard Gladstone’s is his 6th studio album, a set of contemporary yet also highly personal reflections. Recorded during the 2020 lockdown, these tunes contain thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics, rich, allusive language, performed by Howard and a talented ensemble of jazz, world, and folk musicians.

This is an album with a clear narrative arc, beginning at a place of shining memory (Woodstock Fifty), but in the end leaves us at a crucial, critical juncture (Crossroads) -the environmental crisis – where tough choices must be made. There are many interesting stops – Utopian or Dystopian- along the way.

A lush dream in a South Seas idyll (Paradise, Passing Through), is followed by a flamenco exploration of the harsh fate of exiles and the oppressed (Birds of Spain), even waltzing while the Empire falls (It All Falls Down). The title song (The Promise) lets us know that “for every stormy sky, there’s one of blue”, while ‘Someday ‘ hints at, even pledges, hope for a better tomorrow. A song by Jon Brooks, “There Is Only Love”, seamlessly melds into the blend.

Howard Gladstone’s strong lyrics are matched by his intimate vocal style. An ensemble of skilled musicians and singers– Kevin Laliberte, Russ Boswell, Bob Cohen, Marito Marques, Laura Fernandez, Julie Gladstone, Charmain Louis- contribute to this fully realized album.

Featured Songs:

The Promise


Woodstock 50

Birds Of Spain

There Is Only Love

Paradise Passing Through


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