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13 Year Old Jake Murdoch Is A Young Star On The Rise Within The Australian Music Scene

At just 13, the multi instrumentalist who not only plays 16 instruments - has already worked alongside names including Andrew Farriss and 2022 Star Maker winner, Max Jackson. He’s also appeared on Studio 10 (Network 10) and at major events including the EKKA, Gympie Muster, Tamworth Country Music Festival and Hats Off to Country.

Jake released his brand new single,“Bee-side”, on Tuesday 20th December.

Speaking about the song, Jake says, “Bee-side is about how everyone wants nice things like peaches, blueberries and coffee, but don’t think too much about that they only have these things because of the bees as they pollinate our food crops”.

“The song is about appreciating the bees more and realizing the importance of bees on our planet”.

“Bee-side” talks about the impact of global warming, toxic pesticides and viruses not just on the environment but also to the bee’s natural environments and how these also impact the normal routine of bees as well.

Jake Murdoch’s “Bee-side” is available across digital platforms.


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