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Young American Singer-Songwriter Izzy Burns Proves She is a Class Act on New Release

Izzy Burns is an eighteen year old singer-songwriter from Moscow, Idaho, USA, she has already been placed in finalist lists of prestigious international songwriting competitions, it's testament to the quality of her creations, and for someone so young, there is a long bright future ahead if she maintains her current path.

The latest album from Izzy is called A Heartbeat Of Your Time and contains five beautifully crafted original songs. Izzy sings indie music with folk and jazz undertones.

Incredibly, having no voice due to airway difficulties and a tracheostomy as a baby, Izzy still had a love for music. Once she was able to speak, she began singing and playing guitar and eventually writing songs.

She has gone from strength to strength since then, and, in this recording she has demonstrated what a rare gift she has, every track on this EP stands on it's own merit as proof of her exquisite writing abilities, but, collectively it showcases the breadth of her arsenal, from the upbeat americana-roots driven track Broken Compass to the beautiful acoustic storytelling version of Pages.

Izzy Burns is a class act, we can't wait to see how she develops further.

Broken Compass Directed By Salow Films

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