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World Renowned Violinist Bernadett Releases Music Video For Debut Single ‘Redemption’

Virtuoso violinist, Bernadett released her debut single ‘Redemption’ on the 11th of March. Now accompanying the composition is a music video that pays homage to her Hungarian roots. The granddaughter of Hungarian’s famous violinist and composer József B. Suha, Bernadett has created her own imprint on the world, touring and performing in 90 countries throughout her career. Now settled in the USA, the release of ‘Redemption’ is all the more momentous, bringing the sound of her home to new audiences, representing her home country.

‘Redemption’ is a powerful composition that allows the violin to be the standout centrepiece of the track. Combining the classical elements of the instrument, Bernadett blends the beautiful melodies of the violin with a modern twist, using dark, electronic rhythms and expressive piano to accentuate the track.

Accompanying her debut release is a captivating music video filmed by Classica Nova video production. The video captures the beauty of the Bač Fortress, a medieval fortress in Vojvodina, Serbia. While it’s now officially considered a part of Serbia, Bač Fortress was once part of Hungary, founded by King Charles Robert I. As one of the best preserved medieval forts in Vojvodina, the fortress is an epic backdrop for the emotive romance of ‘Redemption.’

Filmed in black and white, the video depicts Bernadett wandering the grounds of the magnificent landscape before a burst of colour washes over to reveal Bernadett clothed in bright red, performing with her violin. Sweeping aerial shots over the fortress, showcase an impressive bird’s- eye view, drenched in sunlight, while Bernadett’s elegant performance brings sophistication and a natural charm.

Classica Nova video production is managed by director, producer, and writer Aleksandra Svonja, and was established in Belgrade, Serbia in 2016. Classica Nova has been awarded for its unique projects, including documentaries and TV series, and Svonja has a soft spot for working with musicians, after performing as a concert pianist for many years.

The collaboration between Bernadett and Classica Nova has produced something sensational, illustrating the magic and universal language that Bernadett’s music brings to her fans.

Bernadett comes from Budapest, Hungary and was born into a musician family.

Her maternal grandfather was József B. Suha, one of Hungary’s greatest violinists

as well as composer. His compositions are played worldwide to this day. She

began learning to play the violin at age 6 but only decided to dedicate her life to

music following a concert tour in Italy when she was 13. From the age of 18, she

continued her studies at the Music Academy in Graz, Austria, and became the

student of Professor Silvia Marcovici, an outstanding world-renowned violin

soloist. She originally studied classical music but since her dream was to bring joy

to all kinds of audiences with her favourite musical genres, she perfected numerous

styles of music on her violin in the most varied of ways.

Bernadett has become a global traveller entertaining audiences by performing in

many countries since she was 18. To listen to her play is to feel her passion. From a young age her only wish was to make people happy with her music. Her powerful stage presence is underlined by a captivating elegance. In 2018 she was listed as one of the most successful people in Hungary.

Bernadett is maybe not what you expect from a violinist... In her own words:

“There are so many different styles of music in the world, as there are so many

foreign languages. Regardless of the different styles, music still remains the most

beautiful international language. Although I studied classical music for years, but

when I realized that I could bring happiness to audiences by playing an evergreen

song, film music or a jazz tune, I then decided I would play all types of music so

that I can make everyone happy.

My show offers an incredible array of musical styles, showing as I mentioned, the

endless possibilities playing the violin. It is a true variety selection... classical, folk,

film music, musicals, jazz, country... all played in my personal style with my own arrangements. Miles of Styles. I hope that everyone will find their favourite.”


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