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The Winnie Blues Release Second Single From Upcoming Debut Album

Little Pressures is the second single cut from The Winnie Blues’ upcoming debut album, which will be put out independently on the duo’s own label Two Hands Records. This song speaks to the anxiety of modern life, living abroad and overcoming the little pressures and complexities of long-distance relationships.

Returning home always comes with a multifaceted bag of bubbling emotions- joy, excitement, exhaustion and sometimes regression. The tone of ‘Little Pressures’ is ultimately about slowing down, and reserving some of yourself, to experience joy in the little moments.

The Winnie Blues are an Americana Duo, originally from Australia, now firmly based in Nashville, TN. Their lyrical depth and intricate harmonies, met with their on-stage charm, means a helluvashow.

When The Winnie Blues step on to the stage they bring with them a mix of established artistry and raw sincerity. Having toured for some 12 years, Writer/Vocalist/Guitarist Cameron Potts established himself through his work with Dead Letter Chorus, bringing a depth of knowledge and experience with authentic, dark and dynamic songwriting. Beatty carries with her a youthful ambition and a voice that is so unique and honest, you’d be forgiven for thinking she herself had years of world class touring under her belt.

At the end 2019, they had finished tracking their first album with the grand plans of a 2020 extensive tour through the south-east of the US to promote their album release.

2020 had other plans- but you know this. It’s been an incredibly difficult year for everyone.

With their eyes cast to the future, The Winnie Blues are releasing a series of singles followed by their debut album in June 2021.


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