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William Prince Pairs Up With Serena Ryder For New Single 'Sing Me a Song'

Toronto-based vocal powerhouse Serena Ryder is a platinum-selling artist adored by fans, peers and critics alike, in part due to her raw and earnest songwriting, and beautifully electric live performances. She has received numerous accolades, including six prestigious JUNO Awards, a MuchMusic Video Award for Best Rock Video for “Stompa.”, and a Canadian Screen Award for Achievement in Music–Original Song.

With her album, The Art of Falling Apart, Serena invites listeners to join her mental wellness journey and helps us understand the importance of sitting with the uncomfortable moments and the wisdom in their messages. Over a driving pop sound bursting with irresistible rhythms, pulsing bass lines, and the full range of her powerful and expressive voice, she pulls listeners through her own winding, transformational journey, detailing despair, toxic relationships, and breakdowns alongside hope, joy, and big, big love.

William Prince approaches the big questions with humility and curiosity. Prince’s influences, from the gospel of his childhood to the pantheon of classic outlaw country singers, baseball and the great beyond, shape his approach to song-craft, a masterclass in skilful simplicity.

Prince’s JUNO Award winning debut Earthly Days introduced the songwriter’s poignant philosophy and rich baritone to the world. His breakout song “Breathless,” found audiences worldwide. Prince followed up with Reliever, released February 2020. For this album, Prince began with a single word, Reliever, which informed a collection of that explored how peace is found. Relievers come in all forms; for Prince, it is song.

Prince surprised fans with a second new album in 2020. Gospel First Nation, released in October, is a “21st Century Northern Interlake Country Gospel” collection that tells stories of family and faith in the age of grief. The album explores Prince’s own family tree, the places and music that shaped his childhood, and explores the extremely complicated relationship of faith and colonialism with grace and empathy.

William Prince said of this collaboration with Serena Ryder, "The essence of "Sing Me a Song" lies in its simplicity and gentleness. Like an old recording from the days of young love’s first encounter. Or the new song of two lovers talking late into the night for the first time, fighting to stay awake for another of love’s encores. Those first revealing words making the connection real. "Sing Me a Song" is about communicating love between two individuals. The cohesiveness comes from one person being the instrument and the other being the voice. Honest and vulnerable, without rehearsal, the two lovers make music together in harmony.

While the world around us becomes faster and more electric, "Sing Me a Song" plays out like a candle on the table. Classic and warm. Luminescent but never intrusive. It invites the quiet that happens in between the words of people truly connecting. The place where intimacy grows its garden. The playfulness in "Sing Me a Song" is reminiscent of good friendship. It captures my friend Serena Ryder and I communicating through our most comfortable language: singing and playing music. Letting admiration, respect and love for another give life to humanity’s oldest story. A love song about friendship and intimacy. Two of the greatest parts of being able to call someone your own."


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