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West Texas Exiles Releases New EP 'Volume 1'

Alternative/Americana band West Texas Exiles are thrilled to release their new EP Volume 1 out now.

The Band says “In support of our new music we’re having multiple Texas release shows in Austin and Lubbock as well as an in store performance at the iconic Waterloo Records!”

There’s Texas, and then there’s West Texas. You can leave it behind but you can’t let it go. Nobody knows that better than the newly formed West Texas Exiles. Love of music and a restlessness to escape their hometowns brought them together in the Live Music Capital - Austin,TX.

With an upcoming EP under their belts, they nonetheless have a deep catalog among the 3 singers/songwriters: Marco Gutierrez (Dirty River Boys), Daniel Davis, and Colin Gilmore; backed by bassist / producer Eric Harrison and drummer Trinidad Leal (DRB, Dixie Witch, Grady, Honky) With influences from The Flatlanders and Buddy Holly to Augustana and Jason Isbell they are reinvigorating the music scene with a modern interpretation of the lone star vernacular.

Grounded in rhythmic and lyrical honesty, the Exile sound is the vastness of the West Texas sky and the energy of a world where nothing stands still for long. The 1st single “New Moon Foe” coincided with a tour in May 2022. The 2nd single “Hotel Tomorrow” evokes the ghosts of southwestern Americana at its snakebit best, but it’s the eponymous track “Exile” where the group’s intentions are declared most strikingly – this band of outsiders aren’t just waltzing across Texas, they are riding into the sunset in search of new horizons “while I still got my boots

on my feet.”


February 25 - Austin, TX - Saxon Pub - Record Release

March 4 - Lubbock, TX - The Bluelight - Record Release


March 14th Saxon Pub - 1:00pm / Tiny Van Concert - Givens District Park - 3:00pm

March 15th - Out For Grammy Party

March 16th - Luck Reunion 6:00pm-12:00am

March 18th - Official Showcase - Lamberts 7:00pm- 1:00am

April 6th - Denton, TX - Dan’s Silverleaf

April 7th - Ft. Worth, TX - Magnolia Motor Lounge

April 6th - Denton, TX - Dan’s Silverleaf

April 7th - Ft. Worth, TX - Magnolia Motor Lounge

April 28th - Austin, TX - Sagebrush

April 30th - Georgetown, TX - Poppyfest

May 4th - Wellington, TX - The Ritz Theatre

May 5th - Turkey, TX - Hotel Turkey

June 1st - McGill NV - Schellraiser Fest

June 2nd - Carson City, NV- The Swan


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