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Vancouver-Based Said The Whale Release New Single

Photograph - Sterling Larose

JUNO Award-winners Said The Whale have had an excellent start to 2021. They've started to unveil their latest material, the result of sessions with producer Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat). Previously released single, "Honey Lungs," also spent seven weeks as the highest-charting self-released single on the NACC chart, and has just entered the Canadian commercial Alternative Radio Top 10.

"Show Me Everything," the newest song by Said The Whale, is a reflective yet hopeful indie-pop track about getting caught up in whatever it is that consumes us and keeping a tight grip on what makes us real, rooted in the elemental. Everyone shows everybody everything all of the time – it's overwhelming. Contradicting advice from every angle. Who should I be? Where do I fit in? After the battery dies, it's just this. You. Here. Now. Remind yourself to see and breathe and feel, always returning to what exists within reach.

"Show Me Everything" contains all the pure elements of Said The Whale – acoustic piano, acoustic and electric guitar, bass and live drums (performed by original drummer Spencer Schoening). In addition, this is the band's first song accompanied by a string section including members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Said The Whale is Tyler Bancroft (singer-songwriter), Ben Worcester (singer-songwriter), Jaycelyn Brown (keyboards) + Lincoln Hotchen (bass).

Said The Whale have earned their place in the Canadian music pantheon. They’ve won a Juno Award, topped the alternative radio chart, and amassed a devoted base of fans who affectionately describe themselves as “SaidHeads” — all the while maintaining their resolute independent spirit. Now, more than a decade into their career, the Vancouver group are opening their most ambitious chapter yet.

Throughout 2020, lockdowns meant that the band members were at home, away from the relentless touring cycle that had defined most of their 14-year career. The band threw themselves fully into working on new material with producer Steve Bays at his Tugboat Place Studio, resulting in the most towering, maximalist music of their careers.

Photograph - Sterling Larose


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