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Vancouver-Based Indie-Rock Trio Ludic Drop New Groovy Sounds On Latest Single 'Instabeat'

While their hometown of Vancouver, BC, Canada may be known for moody indie-rock, Ludic exude a delightfully bright and unique brand of groovy tunes. The Trio consists of Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Rhett Cunningham, and Max Cunningham. Drawing from great music icons such as Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan, and modern soul pioneers such as Hiatus Kiayote; Ludic seamlessly blend vintage and present soul, funk, jazz, and pop, creating music for a wide-array of listeners.

"Instabeat," touches on the band's personal feelings and experiences with success. Success is different for everyone, but the idea of it can consume us. Do we really need attention to validate our efforts, and does this notion of success even matter? That's the question that Ludic asks in their new song.

"I think we wanted listeners to question their own ideas around success and what it means to them personally. That maybe we focus on statistics a bit too much where there is more meaning in other things." said songwriter Max Cunningham.

Beginning with the pursuit to create groovy sounds that are both playful and explorative, Ludic have quickly made a name as pioneers to a new formula of modern soul. With each of its members multi-instrumentalists and songwriters in their own right, the multi-talented trio create dynamic genre-defying music that speaks as an entity of its own.

Features rhythms reminiscent of 70s funk with up-beat soul and jazz-driven bass lines; with guitar licks that breathe the vintage precision and explorative interest of an early Jimmy Page or David Gilmour and dreamy soulful vocals; Ludic’s amalgamation of genres is undeniably timeless. With production in the hands of Ryan Worsley of Echoplant Studios, their music carries the capacity to reside on indie radio channels, while capturing the ears of musicians in search of sophisticated musical depth.


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