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Vancouver-Based Colyn Cameron Drops New Single 'Deepfakes' Ahead Of Album Release

After almost four years since Sad & Easy, Colyn Cameron is excited to be sharing a new album ‘Freehand’. While living in Vancouver, BC, the new material emerged within the paradoxical spaces of experimenting with dispersed and concentrated rhythms. He used the material to explore themes of technology, adventure, self-worth & love with mild nods to worldly trepidation.

The Album was again recorded mostly at home, with additional instrumentation from close collaborators Aiden Ayers and Josh Contant.

It has now been ten years since the release of Wake Owl’s first album. In the years since, Colyn has also composed original music for 2 feature films and numerous different independent projects, and formed new musical and broader artististic collaborations.

Early this year, Colyn and other local Vancouver collaborators founded the record label Market Garden Records. It will serve as a foundation for releasing his new music and supporting collaborations.

His latest single, "Deepfakes," is about this form of AI technology but also tackles the veil of capitalism that we already exist under and how this particular corner of the near future relates to the mega-marathon of consumption and distorted nature of our current priorities.


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