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Vancouver-Based Amy Blake To Release Heartfelt New Single 'Blue'

Amy Blake is an Irish Singer-Songwriter living in Vancouver, Canada. Granddaughter of a member of one of the most famous Irish trad bands 'The Chieftains', it would be no exaggeration to say that Amy has been truly immersed in the traditions of music since birth. In her new single 'Blue' however, Amy's Celtic Folk style takes a back seat in favour of lush, warm jazzy vocals and sustained vibrato influenced by long periods of listening o jazz greats such as Judy Garland and Jo Stafford, the songs style further accentuated by a luxurious sound bath of haunting cello's (performed by Brian Chan), and a production that cradles you softly in it's arms (Daniel Klenner). 'Blue' is the second of a string of new songs to be released this year.

'Blue' will be released on World Peach Records 09/10/2021.

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Amy explains " Tell me, tell me, do you feel all the feelings always, like I do? 'Blue' is a song about yearning for home, it attempts to immerse the listener in a specific moment in time, reflecting on love, loss and acute feelings of hopelessness. It also seeks to explore what home means for me and what it is that I am truly yearning for - is it a place, a person, a house? This song is representative of my time living as an expat in Canada - where throughout I have experienced deeply conflicting emotions about being separated from home. This is exacerbated further by the inevitable losses that come with the passing of time. My goal as an artist, is to capture a moment or a feeling as purely and authentically as possible, with the hope that it will resonate with others, 'Blue' invites the listener to pull up a chair and to just feel"

Amy comes from a large family of musicians and writers, and has been immersed in music since she was a small child. Most notably, Amy is the granddaughter of Peadar Mercier, bodhran player, and original member of Irish trad group ‘The Chieftains’. It was while she was studying music at University that she began to explore self expression through her own compositions, and thus began her journey of establishing her own personal song-writing style. This style is described time and time again as ‘ethereal, haunting and evocative’, referencing the vocal ornamentation of traditional Irish singing, while rooted in alternative folk/pop of the present.

Amy writes introspective, sweet and melancholic songs that draw from a variety of vocal styles and musical influences. Frequently likened to Laura Marling and Lisa Hannigan, Amy’s voice has a haunting quality that captivates, moves, and connects with the emotions of her audience.





Amy Blake performs 'Circles In The Sand' Released May, 2021

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