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Up and Coming UK Artist Robyn Wilson to Release 'Love Songs To Myself' June 4th

Turn on the radio and chances are the track you’ll be listening to is a love song about a happy relationship or one breaking down. Singer-songwriter Robyn Wilson has thrown that rule book out of the window and her next single is a love song to someone very special to her – herself! Happy being single and finding herself content not being in a relationship, Love Songs to Myself is effortlessly catchy, glossy pop at its finest, whilst still having an edge, sending out a message that it’s ok to be comfortable in your own skin and not bow down to the media’s depiction of the ideal life.

“My songs are for those who can relate to my music and hopefully we can build an army of Robynettes where we don’t get pressured into being in relationships and doing the norm… we can all just be happy being us!” Robyn Said.

Based in Northampton, Robyn Wilson describes herself as “your regular girl next door”, which is exactly why both she and her music are so immediately endearing. Now signed to independent record label, Reverie Records Music Company, Robyn’s obsession with writing music began at 10 years-old when she was given her first guitar and she found herself singing both at home and school. Robyn found herself as the focus of a relentless bullying campaign and even found that teachers at her school were unwilling to help. Tired of trying to conform and fits in, she found herself even more drawn to creating her own world of music and it wasn’t until 2019 that she found she had finally reached the turning point:

Robyn Continued “When I started secondary school, I was a bit of a nerd to be honest but I was always singing to myself which I got picked on a lot for, but it was just something I did without even thinking, at home and at school! A group of bullies in my form group, they never really went away, then a year or two in I started to get recognised by the ‘popular kids’ which I was very naive about, thinking they were all my friends. So, I got to the point where I basically just thought, “sod it, people are going to be mean whether I fit in or not so I might as well just try to be myself!” Obviously harder said than done, I actually went years just trying not to make friends and shutting myself off to people because I just thought that’s how things worked. I feel like 2019 was definitely my year and I was finally getting close to being completely comfortable in my skin, wearing what I want, singing what I want, saying what I want, wearing as much or as little make up as I want!”

Produced by Christian Ballard (Girls Aloud; Blazing Squad; Natasha Bedingfield) and Arno Spires (Alesha Dixon) Robyn’s track is released on 4th June and comes in the wake of her previous release, Hotel Room, which received strong support from BBC Introducing. Despite countless offers to join girl band, Robyn has stayed true to herself and her music is a reflection of the world around her and being comfortable with who you really are.

Robyn Wilson's 2019 Release 'Hotel Room'

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