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Toronto's Shawna Caspi Releases Video and First Single From Upcoming Album

Toronto singer-songwriter Shawna Caspi’s powerful new single, Lay Low Shadow, is available now on bandcamp and on her official website. This song offers the first glimpse at Caspi’s anticipated new album, Hurricane Coming.

Lay Low Shadow is a dialogue with anxiety. It plays out like an encounter with an old flame, an opportunity to confront the dark sides of ourselves without fear, accepting that they are part of who we are, and the more we get to know them, the better we’ll know ourselves. Shawna Caspi’s strong, clear voice leads the way, with the core band of Mark Mariash on drums, Devon Henderson on bass, and Joel Schwartz on guitars and Rhodes driving the song forward, shimmering highlights from Scott Galloway on Hammond organ, and gorgeous vocals from Sarah Hiltz and Peter Stone lifting up every chorus. Caspi created original abstract paintings inspired by each song on Hurricane Coming, and describes the artwork connected to Lay Low Shadow:

“I pictured the darkness as a liquid seeping in and spreading through the walls of a house. I used an acrylic pouring technique in this painting, creating dark blue pools that permeate the white and gold base. I often think that I’ve left my anxiety in the past, but it’s always close by. I don't hear from it for a while, and then I notice it slowly creeping back in through my body.”

Each painting is also inspired by an art or craft practice. In alcohol ink art, concentrated colours flow and marble and blend into each other - a technique that suits the aesthetic of this song. The official music video for Lay Low Shadow, available now on YouTube, features Kelowna, BC artist Lynda Norman working with alcohol inks in a mesmerizing exploration of the medium set to music.


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