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Toronto’s Breezy Folk-Rock Duo Robinson Kirby Are Off to 'Find A Way' in New Single

By Eric Alper.

Breezy Canadian folk-rock duo Robinson Kirby are off to “Find A Way” when it comes to lost affections in this, their heartwarming love-quest of a new single and video.

Freshly pressed from their 2021 seven-track album offering, Little Dreams, the rhythm section of “Find A Way” instills a sense of beautiful calm, reminiscent of a gentle stream while the satiny vocal tones send the listener floating through the song with a feeling of warming assurance.

The song features a graceful, echoey twang of the electric guitar, and its solo, along with the slide of the lap steel, tie the instrumentation together seamlessly. These elements combined create a serene audible flow that contrasts the turbulence surrounding the song’s theme based on the uncertainty of lasting love.

Love may be blind, but we can always find our way through. These sentiments are suggested by the lyrics: ‘I don’t look at you the same, since we played the losing game, but I will try and find my way.’

With that in mind, “Find A Way” is a song about revelation, and what we uncover both about ourselves as well as our loved ones during times of uncertainty amidst emotional strife. The overall message is relatable, as those who have felt love dwindle in the past have oftentimes found themselves questioning who they are, what they could’ve done differently and, perhaps, making peace with the circumstance by accepting that their counterparts' hearts may no longer be aligned with mutual perception of love.

‘Lay me down beside what happened here, wasn’t my love bigger than your fear,’ brings about the suggestion that it may come time for one to accept that, despite their best efforts, the love given may not always be the saving grace we’d like it to be.

When it comes to the single, as well as the Toronto-based band’s Little Dreams EP, Robinson Kirby describes the songs therein by saying, “They reflect a time of growth and change in our lives. Conceptually, the songs are about love, searching for connection, and finding your place in the world.”

The Little Dreams EP, which hosts the lead single, was written between studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and while living in Los Angeles. They cite their musical influence as being the spirit of singer-songwriters from the genre’s heyday in the 70s, but with a fresh, modern approach.

Robinson Kirby consists of lead singer-songwriters, Luke Robinson (vocals, guitar, percussion) and Madelyn Kirby (vocal, guitar), as well as Jonathan Elyashiv (bass) and Ross Hodgkinson (drums, percussion). “Find A Way” is backed by the talents of Paul Phelan (lap steel) and Harrison Lenz (backing vocals).

The single was written and composed by Luke Robinson and Madelyn Kirby. The single, as well as the EP, were engineered by Pedro Calloni at the Village Studios, in Los Angeles, California and by Harrison Lenz at Lenz Entertainment in Toronto, Ontario. Mixing was handled by Harrison Lenz. Mastering was handled by Philip Shaw Bova. Photography and design were provided by Madelyn Kirby and Tori Chippindale, respectively.


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