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Toronto-born LA-based Artist & Producer Sarcastic Sounds Has Released His Debut Album

Toronto-born / LA-based vocalist, songwriter, and producer Sarcastic Sounds has released his debut album, Haunt You Forever, via Columbia Records. The 10-track LP includes previously released singles Better Half,” "Hero," Someday Soon,” "Jaycee," and Stumbling as well as five brand new songs.

Coming alongside his debut album, Sarcastic Sounds shares the music video for the album’s title track, “Haunt You Forever”. The visual finds Sarcastic Sounds haunting the girl who did him wrong and hoping she realizes it.

Says Sarcastic Sounds about releasing his debut album, “I’ve had a bizarre career path that started off only making beats and producing for other people. I slowly became a singer while having to musically find myself and define my sonic identity. This album is the end of that struggle to find my sound which I can confidently say is left-of-centre pop music that would work acoustically, but also hits hard with rhythmic hip-hop drums and lo-fi elements.”

2023 has been a busy year for the 23-year-old. Sarcastic Sounds joined Arden Jones on his Age Tapes Mini Run Part Two Tour this spring, which spanned 9 cities throughout the month of May. Additionally, he co-wrote David Kushner’s “Daylight”, which peaked at #8 on the Global Spotify Chart, and has also been in writing sessions with Henry Moodie and Måneskin.

After producing songs for Boy With Uke, Mimi Webb, and Lil Wayne, Sarcastic Sounds expanded his vocal talent and focused on songwriting for his own projects. In 2022 Sarcastic Sounds released standalone single “might be this” as well as his I’m A Disappointment EP, which was powered by “say goodbye,” “change ur mind” [feat. Claire Rosinkranz & Clinton Kane], and title track “Disappointment” [feat. Rxseboy]. With over 1 billion streams to date, Sarcastic Sounds hones his left-of-centre-leaning pop sound and translates all of the experiences that come with dating, situationships, and relationships as “a twenty-something in the 2020’s.”


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