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Toronto Area Singer-Songwriter Chase Stevens Releases New Single Ahead Of Upcoming Album

Chase Stevens is a Toronto area Singer-Songwriter recognized for his heartfelt lyrics and visual imagery. He says his songwriting style is a blend of New Country and Singer-Songwriter, or as he likes to call it “Troubadour Country”.

A frequent visitor to Nashville, Chase recently went down to finish recording the last 2 songs for his upcoming CD, "Trespassing Castles".

He says, "Recording in Nashville I get to work with some of the best session players on the planet. Not only are they amazing players but their intuition to capture what I am going for is unrivalled".

The CD has already yielded a number of singles, 3 of which reached #1 on the Canadian Indie Country Chart and have been streamed in over 30 countries around the world. The CD has also garnered him 2 awards in Holland for "Video of the Year" and "Songwriter of the Year" as well as Finalist Nominations in his home province of Ontario at the MARTY Awards and Mississauga Music Awards for "Songwriter of the Year".

Now that things have opened back up, Chase is once again hosting the “Above the 44th Songwriter Nights” just west of Toronto. “It feels so good to reconnect with a live audience and finally be able to play some of the new tunes I have been writing”.

A tour of Ireland is in the works for May 2023 that he is very excited about, as well as a visit to Amsterdam where he will visit the tree and site of his 2018 critically acclaimed Canadian soldier song, H.W.R. from his first album, “Tumbleweed".


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