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Tina Jordan Rees Unveils Life-Affirming Debut Flute And Whistle Album 'Beatha'

Beatha is the debut flute and whistle album from talented multi-instrumentalist Tina Jordan Rees. The energy-filled record, set for release on Friday 24 June, celebrates life and the small moments of joy experienced in the everyday.

Tina, who is Glasgow-based and originally from Lancashire, is a multi-instrumentalist who plays flute, whistles and piano, and is also a qualified Irish dance teacher. As an avid composer, she takes her influences from many places, including the Irish dance music tradition, where she is a household name.

Beatha is a lively and fun record that is the culmination of Tina’s years of composing tunes whilst living in Ireland and Scotland. She draws inspiration from many places, including her time spent studying Irish Music and Dance in Limerick, the vibrant Glasgow music scene and the Irish dance music tradition - having recorded four Irish dance music albums to date.

Tina said: “In 2018, having not long turned 30, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Thankfully it was found early and I had an operation which cured it. My outlook on life has changed somewhat since then. I want to enjoy life more, take in the small moments, and breathe.

“It was important to me to be creative once again after the majority of music had stopped during the pandemic. Making music brings me so much happiness and makes me feel alive. I have enjoyed pouring my heart and soul into this album and playing with the fantastic musicians who joined me for it.

“I decided to name the album Beatha as a nod to this journey we are all on. As ‘beatha’ means ‘life’ in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic, I feel it reflects my time spent in Ireland and Scotland, where I now call home.”

The album, which is completely self-composed, features tunes that include the sweet yet upbeat Ducks at Luss and House 108 and the dramatic, fast-paced track G's Reel, Tripod's Frolics and Nan Lian Garden.

Meanwhile, The Cable Cars / Ngong Ping Brolly / Rainbow Flats is a meandering and whimsical track, Beatha / Sunset Skies are two sentimental and awe-inspiring tunes which reflect the diverse emotional range of the album.

Tina plays flute, whistles and piano on the record and is joined by Seán Gray on guitar and electric guitar, Lea Larsen on bodhrán and James Lindsay on double bass. The album was recorded at GloWorm Recording in Glasgow, engineered by Euan Burton and mastered by Barry Reid at Rose Croft Studio.

Tina Jordan Rees will take to the stage at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh on Friday 15th July and at The Old Hairdresser’s in Glasgow on Wednesday 27th July.

Beatha will be available to buy on CD, stream and download on all major digital platforms on Friday 24th June 2022.

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