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Thomas Abban Proves He's The Real Deal On Sophomore Album 'The Spiritualizer'

Thomas Abban grew up in Wales and moved to Minneapolis when he was 12. Around that time, he began getting serious about guitar, which he’d already been playing for three or four years. He immersed himself in the blues — Blind Willie Johnson, who preached gospel on Texas street corners and slid a knife along his guitar strings until they vibrated with the sound of dead souls, was a favourite — though Abban was less interested in mastering technique than feeling.

By the time he was 17, he was playing Minneapolis coffee houses, marathon three-hour sets that were somewhere between practice and performance. He was looking for a way of getting the music in his head, an uncharted mix of folk, prog, metal and mysticism, into the world.

Abban released his debut album, A Sheik’s Legacy, on RCA Records (2017). His second LP, the mesmerizing The Spiritualizer, (2021) was released on July 23rd and is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms. All of the songs on this album were written, arranged, produced, played, and mixed by Abban.

Krista Vilinskis of Tinderbox Music says "I have always been a huge fan of Thomas Abban and now he has a new sophomore album titled The Spiritualizer and it's amazing just like his debut album was A Sheik’s Legacy - (2017) RCA.Thomas is an incredible guitar player, has amazing pitch, a prolific lyricist and a natural performer. I really can't compare him to anyone else he is so unique and that is one of the many things I love about him... if you haven't seen him perform live you should."

In Thomas's words: “With Everything I did and with everything happening how it did, where it did, and with all those involved who did it, this work seemed like the only thing to do.. There’s not much I can say about this album other than it’s been with me in one form or an-other for a long while, the rest it can say itself and much better like intersecting lines and concepts, monoliths and miniatures, sirens and sailors, pathways through the water filled skies and all the words between amen.”


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