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The Sweet Sounding Single 'I Miss You' from Minneapolis-Based Kiss The Tiger

Photo Credit: Craig Otto.

Kiss the Tiger is a rock and roll rebirth band hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formed in 2016, Kiss the Tiger has worked hard to capture the hearts of Twin Cities’ music lovers. With a focus on hook and melody driven songs, Kiss the Tiger continues to push the boundaries of 21st century rock and roll while staying firmly rooted in its foundations: energetic, passionate, and raw.

Vicious Kid is their 3rd full length release and features 12 tracks that span the sounds of rock and roll, pop-rock, and alt-country.

“The five-piece have refined their hard-edged blues-rock into a multifaceted blend of retro styles, including gospel, folk, and classic rock, that comes roaring out on their upcoming February release, Let Me Bleed.” - Jerard Fagerberg, City Pages

Kiss the Tiger pounced onto the Twin Cities’ music scene in late-2016 and have been making big waves ever since. Inspired by the sounds and energy of The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and Patti Smith, Kiss the Tiger has breathed new life into 21st century rock and roll. In February of 2017 Kiss the Tiger were the runner-up in Star Tribune’s ‘Are You Local?’ Best New Band competition. Shortly after they recorded their EP, “Elliot Park” which was released in November of 2017. The music video for “Starting to See You” off of “Elliot Park” was named one of Minnesota’s Best Music Videos of 2018 by 89.3 The Current.

In 2019 Kiss the Tiger released their sophomore album “Let Me Bleed”. They were recognized that year as a “Picked to Click” band by City Pages, an end-of-year round up of the best local bands voted on by their peers. That same year they headlined the Star Tribune stage at the Basilica Block Party, the largest outdoor musical festival in Minneapolis drawing around 25,000 attendees.

The Single and official video for I Miss You, from their latest album Vicious Kid, was released in April this year.

Photo Credit: Diana Albrecht | Album Design: Stacia Service


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