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The Rural Alberta Advantage Release First New Music Since 2017’s 'The Wild'

The Rural Alberta Advantage release their first new music since 2017’s The Wild and marks the return of core band member, Amy Cole! “CANDU” (radio single) and accompanying track “AB Bride” are available now via Paper Bag Records !

With so much change the past two years, The RAA will embark on a new way of releasing music - an ongoing series of new songs and EPs will be shared over the coming year as they’re recorded in real time, all with live shows to support each release.

“'CANDU' is a song about a once-booming Northern settlement of Uranium City, SK that was abruptly forgotten and a lament on the common connections that emerge when you’ve unknowingly tied your hopes to a sinking ship ”, notes Nils. Paul continues, “My Dad spent decades working as an engineer helping design the CANDU nuclear reactors. What happened to the people in Uranium City is really tragic .”

The Rural Alberta Advantage (Amy Cole, Paul Banwatt and Nils Edenloff) has explored themes ranging from hometowns lost and found to tragic Alberta disasters with an earnest style of songwriting that has continued to leave its mark and grab fans around the world.

Years of touring have filled rooms with a sound far beyond what any music fan would initially expect from a trio, until they witness Paul's incomparable drumming style live and the number of parts Amy can play at any one time alongside Nils' cathartic vocals. The group has gone from humble recognition amongst indie rock die-hards as "Canada's best unsigned band" to sold-out tours and devoted fans around the world with featured coverage from Spin Magazine, Pitchfork, The New York Times and Rolling Stone and many more.

The band has been nominated for two 2012 Juno Awards (Best New Group and Video of the Year for their song “Stamp”), long listed for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize, and awarded the CBC Music Prize for Best Independent Artist in 2014.

The RAA has released four albums: Hometowns (2009), Departing (2011), Mended With Gold (2014) and The Wild (2017).


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