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The Kindly Ravens, The Brisbane Based Americana-Alt Country-Folk Duo, Release Debut Single

The Kindly Ravens are the Brisbane-based duo of Cassi Marie and Steve Boom who play original Americana, Alt Country, Folk and Country music. Their first single 'Silver & Gold' is a song about love, how precious it is and how it should be treated with care.

'Silver & Gold' was the first track that Cassi & Steve ever wrote together during the start of the pandemic. Cassi had the chorus tucked away in a book, and over emails, the song quickly formed into the heart warming tune that has become a well loved favourite of many friends and family.

Cassi described their writing process as a unique experience due to the fact that it was all through computer screens and emails. "Even though there was that barrier of not being in the same room writing a song together, I still found I had a great connection with Steve, the writing process was so easy, and a lot of laughs."

​The duo have found they write quite prolifically together and this is already shaping the forthcoming debut album 'Cemetery of Broken Hearts' which will be released early 2022.

The single is available on all streaming services or in a limited physical format which includes a sticker and a postcard, which when combined with future single releases forms a larger piece of gorgeous artwork

The Kindly Ravens got together after a mutual musical friend, suggested that the two would be a good fit to co-write some songs together, they quickly wrote their first song, a touching ballad, Silver and Gold. The pair worked on the debut album by the indie pop collective The English Rain. After this the pair decided to also record some songs in the mutually loved style of Americana.

At the same time they decided they wanted to have a very distinct style on the visuals associated with the band, like their artwork and merchandise. After working with producer Jason Millhouse on previous projects, he was the only person the pair considered to be at the helm of this record.

The first five songs that were demoed to Jason and then recorded were an eclectic mix of both dark country and songs of hope and love. The dark Edgar Allen Poe inspired track ‘Nevermore’ is an ode to the bands namesake, the raven, the beautiful duet ‘If You Let Me’, is a song about those early steps of a relationship.

The duos first song that they wrote together, ‘Silver and Gold’ is a wonderful love song that should be standard at all future weddings. ‘Bittersweet Lie’ is arguably the most traditional country feeling of the initial tracks, and ‘Cemetery of Broken Hearts’ is another dark country track about the final resting place of people’s broken hearts.


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