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The Escarpment Blues Society Is About To Take Flight in Southern Ontario, Canada

By Erin McCallum. Photo Credit: Ken Wallis.

For those who have had their finger on the pulse of the Ontario Blues scene, you may have already heard the announcement that there’s a brand new Blues society: the Escarpment Blues Society. The news was announced at Steve Strongman’s 12th Annual Christmas show in Hamilton, On., and served as a bit of a “Soft launch” at the well attended event.  In addition to being an established artist on the Blues scene, the Hamilton native Strongman is also the VP and Artistic Director of the new Blues society.  Although the Escarpment Blues Society has made the announcement, has its website up and running, a strong Board of Directors, and a growing list of members, it makes sense to find out more for interested parties via the two people at the helm of The Escarpment Blues Society: Ken Wallis (President and founding member) and Steve Strongman (VP, Artistic Director). 


   When asked to provide a statement about the new Escarpment Blues Society, Steve Strongman offers:


   “I’m thrilled to have played a role in the development of the Escarpment Blues Society.  Over the years, I have formed deep relationships with so many wonderful Blues lovers that share a passion for supporting and promoting Blues and Roots music and the people who create it.  It was a very organic process for all of us to get together with the same goals in mind, I see great things happening in the region and beyond for the Escarpment Blues Society, and it’s a true pleasure to be a part of it.”


   President Ken Wallis said, in reference to his motivation for founding the new society:


   “My passion for Blues and Roots music has sparked the incentive of the Escarpment Blues Society.  For years, I have mused on how to help support live music, the musicians and the venues.  Many artists and venues were hit hard during the pandemic, and it’s time to re-emerge and support the music scene.  We chose the name Escarpment Blues because it represents our local area, but also a wider catchment area that the society can help support.  We’ll be running some exciting new concerts, and proving some promotion and support for Blues and Roots throughout the area.  Stay tuned as we gradually roll out some exciting news over the next few months.  2024 promises to be filled with great music!”


   With commentary from both Strongman and Wallis, readers get a sense of what’s to come, as well as the mandate that the Escarpment Blues Society plans to lead its initiatives with.  For people who would like to learn more, the website is  In addition to reading the goals of the new society, information on the official launch event, membership sign up, and a complete list of members on the Board of Directors can be found.  Of note, all members of the Board of Directors are within the area that the Escarpment Blues Society will offer its efforts to (Hamilton), and each board member has experience in their respective position. 


   As Wallis states in his remarks – “stay tuned”!


Erin McCallum

(singer, songwriter, bandleader, musician)

For more information go to and you can join the Facebook group by clicking on the link on the web page. There is also a link to join a mailing list to get up-to-date music information.

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