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The Eclectic Soundscape of Toronto's XOCÔ's 'Capoeira Blues' Celebrates Brazil's North East Heritage

By Eric Alper.

Experience the innovative Fusion of Psychedelic Rock, Blues, and Funk with Traditional Percussion and MPB Música Popular Brasileira of “Capoeira Blues,” the second single from the self-titled album by the internationally acclaimed artist Mestre Sérgio Xocolate, also known as XOCÔ, out now on Lulaworld Records, This musical odyssey transcends boundaries, weaving together the rich heritage of the Brazilian people.

From Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, XOCÔ embarks on a mission with the XOCÔ project to bridge cultural and musical gaps. Initiated in South America and on the shores of Turtle Island South and flourishing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, “XOCÔ” is not just an album but a cultural exchange, a musical journey, and an homage to XOCÔ’s Afro Indigenous heritage.

As a master teacher of Traditional Capoeira, XOCÔ invites listeners on a transformative experience, urging respect for Indigenous cultures, honouring Black heritage, preserving Mother Earth, and fostering unity. “Capoeira Blues” promises an auditory adventure that merges Afro Indigenous Brazilian rhythms with soulful and electric arrangements.

Known for crafting his compositions on the streetcars of Toronto, XOCÔ injects his original pieces with a unique blend of poetry, politics, and spirituality. In “Capoeira Blues,” he channels new life into powerful inherited rhythms, offering an expressive and electric testament to his inventiveness.

The roots of “Capoeira Blues” lie in the Ladainha-style song, penned when just 18, inspired by the crashing waves atop a coração de nego tree. This dynamic composition, sung in Capoeira Rodas worldwide, now undergoes a remarkable rebirth, enriched by a haunting Berimbau paying homage to Afro Indigenous ancestors.

Internationally recognized for his music, culture, and education contributions, XOCÔ embodies the spirit of preserving Afro Indigenous Brazilian heritage while forging new musical frontiers. The accompanying music video for “Capoeira Blues” pays tribute to XOCÔ’s mother, “Lulua,” with the added generational connection of featuring XOCÔ’s first child.

Immerse yourself in the blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, celebrating "Capoeira Blues" as an enthralling chapter within the "XOCÔ" album.

XOCÔ performs traditional Afro Indigenous Brazilian rhythms fused with rock, psychedelic music and other contemporary influences.

With a penchant for composing songs on the streetcar, XOCÔ's original compositions merge poetry, politics and spirituality while paying homage to his Afro-Indigenous ancestors by breathing new life and lyrics into powerful inherited rhythms.



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