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The Common Practice Are Set To Release A Brand New Album 'Theater Kids'

By Stevie Connor.

Orchestral strings and delicate vocal harmonies meet the sounds of exuberant rock and roll in the uniquely diverse collective that is The Common Practice.

"Theater Kids" was recorded at the Library studio in Northeast Minneapolis under the direction of Matt Patrick in February 2023. The songs represent the band's genre diverse influences, from pop/funk dance beats, to tender ballads, to classic rock, to alt-country, all while maintaining a signature sound glued together by the orchestral strings and four part harmonies.

The Common Practice pride themselves on being efficient. All songs are written out in music notation and the total tracking process took less than fifteen hours.

The lead single "That Love Came First" was written in 2018. This song paints a vignette of a life previously lead by God. An existential revelation happens through a triumphant modulation to the key of G major, where fear of diversity and secularity is melted by a joyful final chorus in four part harmony.

The Common Practice hold their EP launch on Saturday, September 29th at the MetroNOME Brewery in St. Paul, Minnesota.


9.29.2023 - MetroNOME Brewery

EP Release Show, St. Paul

10.6.2023 - The Veranda Lounge

St. Cloud, MN

10.14.2023 - Dark Star Art Bar

Madison, WI

10.15.2023 - In Good Spirits

Sullivan, WI

11.4.2023 - The Washington

Burlington, IA



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