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Texas-Based Americana/Country Artist Patti Dixon Releases New Album 'Big Big Love'

By Megan Routledge.

Patti Dixon was born deep in the Texas hill country in Rocksprings, Texas. Generations of her family grew up there in this ranching community. When she was ten, her grandfather, the singing cowboy, Nolan T. Guthrie, bought her first guitar. He pulled it right off the shelf and put it in her hands, a child's life forever changed. She and her immediate family soon moved to the Texas Coast. Patti loves traveling to all ends of Texas and beyond, seeing old friends and making new ones as she spreads her message of One Life to live and love.

She is an award winning, published songwriter and international recording artist based in Austin, Texas. She was awarded Songwriter Of The Year 2021 and 2022 by ASGI (Austin Songwriter’s Group International) having won 12 awards overall, 8 first place finishes in multiple categories in international song writing competition.

Known for heart tugging ballads and silky-smooth vocals, she is often pegged as an Americana/Country/Folk Singer Songwriter with many layers. Patti can also kick it up a notch, lending powerful vocals while recording and performing her songs that are in the Classic and Southern Rock vein.

Much of her body of work is introspective, touching, and diverse. Patti has seen her material recorded and performed on national radio and television over the years including The Chicks (Dixie Chicks). “Girl’s Weekend” was co-written by Patti and Canadian award-winning artist, Francine Honey. It has also received much international airplay.

Patti has performed many a Texas festival, in surrounding southern states, and most recently performing in the North-eastern part of the U.S. including Maine. She also loves performing at small town venues, house concerts, large or small for that intimate feel and the best fans in the world. She continues to record in Austin and Nashville.

Patti says of the album, "I initially chose the title not because I thought it was the best song on the album, but because I liked it best for the title of the album. It’s an endearing little ballad but as it turns out it completely fits as a title. There is romantic love, spiritual love, love lost or gone wrong, love celebrated, love for life, love of who we are and where we live. Many forms of love. The songs are diverse in style and emotion. The kind that big, big love brings as it turns out. I had recorded 32 of my songs and chose 11 for this album."

Q & A With Emma Scott

Emma Scott:

The album Big Big Love is out now – how do you feel about that?

Patti Dixon:

It feels amazing! It’s been so heartfelt along the way, also adding great memories in the studio. There were over 30 songs I’ve recorded on the path to these eleven for the “The Big Big Love” CD.

Emma Scott:

Have you been waiting a while to get this body of work out into the world?

Patti Dixon:

Yes, there were COVID delays while recording like everyone experienced. I had also won a four-song award, Songwriter of The Year, through an International Songwriting Group out of Austin, Tx. They were recording at another Austin studio, and I wrote additional songs in the process to create an all original 6 song EP that was pushed ahead for this purpose. Then the pieces were put in place for me to release 4 singles leading up to the Big Big Love album release.

Emma Scott:

Can you describe the album to someone that’s not familiar of your work?

Patti Dixon:

It’s a diverse compilation with variety in sound and content. Soulful, emotional, introspective, and raw at times. It has skilful, energetic guitar leads in the vein of Americana, Modern Country, folk and an occasional nod to classic/southern rock and blues. Also tempered with unique ballads that tell a story or evoke a take on some common threads we share. Harmonies abound. There are no co-writers on this CD. Just me offering up my thought-provoking collision of all the experiences love can encompass. It’s a testament of letting go of anything and everything I wanted to write, without the harness of second guessing or setting out to be particular in any way. I let the songs go where they took me, and they made a big indent on my own heart. I hope you hear the combined emotions of the two to four musicians, inspired by one another, excited, endeared, and proud of what we accomplished. The musicians always inspire me further in the recording process. I fully appreciate them. This album is a blend of everything I love in music.

Emma Scott:

What are your favourite tracks on the album and why?

Patti Dixon:

That’s a tough question as they all hold extra sentimentality for me. Two energetic upbeat tunes, “I Will” “Watch Your Good Thing Go” were right for radio. My vocals can reach another realm and I’m crazy about electric guitar leads too. “This Is Now’ carries an angst but hopeful declaration and is one of my favourite productions. It was well interpreted in the studio to really come alive. Of course, the most recent release, “Fly” is the first ballad promoted. I love the acoustic guitar lead of the amazing Dave Scher and the tasteful piano of co producer Tommy Byrd. It’s got a spiritual nod that’s bound to have come from more than just me. I hope the message in it is heard. Turn the day around for someone, therefore yourself, pay it forward and more. True elements I lived in the story.

The song, “Tuscaloosa” is a town in the USA in the state of Alabama. It means “black warrior” from a native American Indian tribe who lived in the area. I’ve never been there but looking into genealogy one night before bed, I read of a descendant who lived there in the 1800’s. I researched some. The following morning, I woke up with words and an actual melody from a dream and quickly grabbed my guitar before forgetting the words and sounds. It's got a southern rock; gospel feel and it came out of me with lightning precision. It basically conveys how we can relish everything about where we came from, our roots, our home.

Time” is a song that makes me happy, the chorus is uplifting, optimistic, and the timing of a melody I’d been wanting to write, sort of a 6/8ths beat. Grab your sweetie and slow dance.

A Note With Your Name” was born from a friend calling to see if I could write a song as a surprise for the wife as an anniversary present. I asked one question. How did you propose? I said I’d try but my brain went to work right away with a visual from one statement. It flowed out surprisingly well; we nailed it in the studio and it’s relatable. I’ve got someone in mind to do a male vocal as well.

Big Big Love” is the title track because I felt those words aptly sum up this CD. There are many shades of love but this one is about the happiest form of love carrying the most admiration that comes with euphoric personal feelings. It’s got an indie feel I could hear in an independent film. Tommy and I did this one alone as two mush buckets united. Me on acoustic guitar just like it started and he on strings etc.. Simplicity.

Everybody” is the last track because I hope it’s seen and heard when it’s all said and done. It was written from the deepest depths of where you go to bring out the most cutting, heartfelt emotions. It was born from a tragedy in Texas but sadly, is a repeated cruelty all over the world. Mostly though, it’s hopeful because together we can pay attention to each other as our greatest strength in society, I’ve come to believe. We never understand how a lack of humanity brings such evil, but EVERYBODY can make a difference in a way that could potentially change an outcome. One to another, it matters. Tommy and me recorded this one the same way. Vulnerably and simply following our hearts just like when I wrote it.

Emma Scott: What are your plans for 2024?

Patti Dixon:

I always write and record and certainly in the last quarter of the year leading to new music for 2024. Several bookings in and out of state on the schedule with fun times beginning during SXSW in Austin with friends/musicians. A quick trip to Nashville, Tennessee to play at the famed Bluebird in March. Really all directions of the U.S. and Texas and some intimate house concerts I always find time for. Working toward some international spots.



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