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TC Cassidy Recruits Long Time Friends For Title Track Of First Album In Nearly 30 Years

“Travelling Heart” is the brand new single and title track lifted from TC Cassidy’s highly anticipated come back album - her first album in almost 30 years.

It’s country through and through and was the icing on the cake having country stars – Beccy Cole, Adam Harvey, Gina Jeffreys, James Blundell and Angus Gill – join her on this special track.

“Travelling Heart” is a fun, rollicking country tune that conjures up vibes of Merle’s “Working Man Blues” or even Johnny and June’s classic hits.

The choice of guests for the track was an easy decision for TC – each and every one of them has a special connection to her. As a recording artist in the 90’s, TC had a lot to do with Beccy, Adam, Gina and James throughout that period and Angus of course is the reason she has made this long awaited return to country music. He also produced and wrote or co-wrote every track on the album.

"It's so good to see my mate TC releasing new music and getting active in the music industry again", says Adam Harvey. "It was a real pleasure to sing on Travelling Heart and I'm looking forward to watching this song climb to the top of the charts".

It was only after a chance meeting and follow up text message from Angus late last year that TC decided to jump back in and see where things went.

“The message read, “'So, I think TC needs to make a comeback single and I'd love to produce it'. My initial thought was - 'Is he serious'? So I jumped on it quick smart before he could change his mind”, says TC.

The result was the co-write, “Ain’t Too Late (To Start Again)”, which exceeded expectations and took TC back to the top of the charts.

“Something happened during that session of writing where I said to myself, I’m not done here. I decided that I had so much more that I wanted to say, therefore, one song just wasn’t going to cut it. Thirty years has been a bloody long time out of the industry and I really wanted to share so much more through music”.

““Travelling Heart” is a collection of songs that display many emotions”, says TC. “It’s a beautiful ride from start to finish with the perfect balance of happiness, grief, anger, humour and heartbreak. I want to take listeners on a heartfelt journey where they connect to the songs on a personal level”.

Talking about working with TC on the “Travelling Heart” album, Angus Gill says, “producing this comeback album for TC was a real blast! A lot of blood, sweat and Fireball went into making this record and we are both so very proud of it”.

Besides the afore mentioned artists featuring on the title track, the album also includes guests Bill Chambers and Anne Kirkpatrick. Anne says, "It's great to see TC back with a new album - I loved working with her on one of the tracks".

“I cannot wait to share this record with the world. It’s been a hell of a ride from start to finish – TC’s back on the train!”, laughed TC.

The final word about this stellar new album comes from Australian Country Radio's John Nutting who sums it up perfectly: "Where have you been for 30 years! Think of the great country music you would have made ... gee its good to have you back with this fine album - don't wait another 30 years".

Tania “TC” Cassidy started performing at just 10 years of age. Signing to Festival Records at 16, she recorded her self-titled debut album with Garth Porter. She co-wrote many of the album’s songs with Garth including the chart hits, “Honey Lately” and “I’ll Meet You In My Dreams”. The album’s success earned TC two 1995 Golden Guitar Award nominations for New Talent of The Year and Female Artist of The Year.


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