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Tasmanian Songstress Ange Boxall Releases The Incredible New Album 'Skipping Stone'

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: Chris Crerar

Skipping Stone is Ange Boxall’s first full-length studio album since the birth of her daughter 11 years ago.

In reflection of these years, Skipping Stone has 11 beautifully crafted songs, each with a story to tell. These are not your typical female ‘noughtys’ throw away pop, they are honed lyrics that have been deeply thought about with compositions that have been meticulously worked. It all sounds cohesive and more-ish.

This is good old-fashioned song writing with the power of the old LP where you want to listen from start to finish.

Boxall says her writing has matured, ‘Now in my forties I’ve taken a more worldly perspective and some of the songs veer towards social matters.The world is in a weird state, of which I’m a participant but also the observer. Society is broken in so many ways… but there will always be love, in its various forms, no matter what.’.

Skipping Stone was co-produced by multi-ARIA Award winning Producer, Paul McKercher along with guitar virtuoso, Pete Cornelius, and Ange Boxall. It was tracked at Pete’s studio, Elephant Room, on the East Coast of Tasmania.

Made up of 11 original Americana, Folk-Pop-Rock songs, the album has tension and authentic honesty - something that Ange attributes to being back in Tasmania where she responds to the landscape - physically, metaphorically, and politically.

After living abroad for over a decade between London and Nashville, Ange says, ‘Tasmania is my home, it brings out a different writing style in me. It is raw. It has more energy. Perhaps it is being closer to family. Perhaps it is the wild landscape, closeness to the sea and the mountains. Perhaps it is the fresh air.’

Tasmanian songstress, Ange Boxall, has performed, written, recorded, and released albums throughout the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. Ange hails from the serene but wild beaches of eastern Tasmania and for over a decade was based between London and Nashville.

She has co-written, recorded and performed with world-renowned songwriters and musicians, including J.D. Souther of Eagles and Linda Ronstadt fame, multi-Grammy Award winner Jim Lauderdale, and the late Bones Hillman of Australia’s own Midnight Oil.


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