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Tara MacLean Releases New Single Ahead Of Daring, Heartbreaking And Provocative Memoir

By Stevie Connor.

Canadian singer-songwriter Tara MacLean (Shaye) has been an internationally renowned and award winning recording and touring artist for over 25 years. She is excited to be releasing her first book, Song of the Sparrow, with Harper Collins on March 14th, a brutally honest look back at the obstacles she overcame over her life and lengthy musical career so far.

The companion soundtrack to the memoir, Sparrow, will be released on March 31st, produced by Daniel Ledwell (Fortunate Ones, Good Lovelies, Jenn Grant).

Some artists move past songs and never look back. By contrast, Tara mines them for fresh inspiration to put her life in perspective and, more importantly, to find ways to inspire, help, and heal others. At the core, that’s the commonality between ten songs on Sparrow a beautiful reimagining of songs drawn from MacLean’s extensive catalogue and new material like the album’s title track.

But Sparrow is far more than a retrospective. It finds the PEI-based singer-songwriter looking forward with optimism and dwelling on the transformative power of music rather than the pain and loss that inspired some of the songs she revisits. The title track is actually the thesis for the whole book. It offers up the idea that nothing is unforgivable, though a lofty concept; it’s the bird’s eye view that Tara is trying to see the world with these days.

Singer-songwriter Tara MacLean has had an extraordinary music career. From being discovered singing on a British Columbia ferry to touring with Dido, Tom Cochrane and Lilith Fair, her solo albums and those with the band Shaye have touched legions of fans. But she hasn’t, until now, disclosed the details of how the power of song saved her from a childhood filled with danger.

Song of the Sparrow is a daring, heartbreaking and provocative memoir of a life filled with music, told with the same raw, open and elegant poetry that Tara’s fans have come to expect. From her early days in PEI through her teenage years in BC to her meteoric rise in music, Song of the Sparrow reveals Tara’s remarkable strength and shows that a song and a wide open heart are the best weapons for fighting monsters.


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