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Talented Australian Singer-Songwriter & Guitarist Al Louis Brings You 'East Coast Low' - The New EP

Al Louis is a guitarist, singer-songwriter from New South Wales, Australia. Her genre is a mix of southern rock and blues/roots, with a gritty acoustic guitar-driven style. Her lyrics are witty and original, using idioms to tell stories with a dark sense of humour. She is known for energetic and captivating live shows and has performed on stages in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Al says of the new EP, "Following the release of the first single "East Coast Low" in July, my full EP is now out on all platforms. All acoustic, with me on guitar, mandolin & vox.

For the second single, the blues/roots track "I'm Quitting", we made a studio music video (released on my YouTube channel) at the Factory Studios on Sydney's Northern beaches.

I wrote the main hook for this song years ago, but only decided to put it down this year after bringing it into my live setlist & realizing people dug it. I wrote it after a big night (or maybe many such nights that blended into one) in an attempt to help tame that sense of growing remorse once the memories start trickling in from the night before, and also wondering how much shame might be attached to the bits and pieces the brain might have conveniently blanked out in the process."

And, about the whole process, Al adds, "I will have released 30 original songs over the past 5 years, (actually more, if you count some non-album stuff on SoundCloud). One of the great things about having a decent-sized catalogue, (and making it accessible instead of keeping it all to yourself, which would be much easier!), is that there's more stuff that will potentially resonate with different people - lyrically or melodically (personally it's melody and harmony that usually hit me first when I listen to music).

Don't get me wrong: I write songs for me, not you, (laughs). But, having more songs about somethings, someones and somewheres, means more opportunities for people to tune in, in their own way. And there's nothing cooler than when people come to a show and they know the lyrics, or hum along with something you wrote."


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