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Swedish Americana Duo RIKE Release New EP 'More Feeling, Please Vol 1'

Two years have gone by since RIKE’s debut album “Green Eyed & Bitter” and their now super excited to finally share the new songs with people out there.

The new EP “More Feeling, Please Vol 1”, released April 27th was intense and emotional to record. Nike and Rickard have never been more proud of the work they have put in to the first of two EP’s to come. Some songs are more rock than their previous material and some songs are even more rootsy then before. It feels like they have taken some ideas to the max.

RIKE are Nike Sellmar and Rickard Johansson, they met each other in Piteå, in the northern part of Sweden where they were both studying music. Before they started their band they played together in different constellations. And after a while, fell in love. Once a couple, they both started writing songs together, and just could not stop. Songwriting became a way to solve their personal conflicts and most of the songs written are about their relationship. There is definitely some kind of magic in the way music can help people communicate. RIKE's music has more or less been brewed out of their influences. They both come from different places in music, but they are not that different after all. Nike has a strong bond with Folk music and Soul, and Rickard has grown up on Blues, Rock 'n' Roll and Classic Rock, but, they both have had country music very dear to their hearts ever since they were very young.

The genre Americana is pretty broad and "forgiving" in respect to what's commonly accepted, which makes it perfect for RIKE, as they write bluesy, folkish, country rock ballads.

Nike Sellmar and Rickard Johansson who have written all of the songs hope people will enjoy them and that they may even reach some new fans.


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