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Sundance Head and Ariel Hutchins Release 'Showing Off'

Ariel Hutchins is a Texas singer/songwriter and performing artist. Her music celebrates her West Texas heritage and embodies her love of country music past and present.

Ariel was born in Abilene where she spent her early childhood singing in Church. When she was eight, family tragedy placed her in the foster care system. The highlight of those years was the gift of a guitar which she received on her eleventh birthday, which she spent every free moment with thereafter, teaching herself to pick and play.

At fifteen, Ariel was adopted by Billy and Rebecca and moved to Cross Plains, Texas, to live with her new forever family. There she often sang the National Anthem at high school sports events and performed acoustically in local venues.

Upon graduation, Ariel formed her own band and began playing honky tonks, bars and festivals throughout the state. The Ariel Hutchins Band has opened for Kevin Fowler, Stoney Larue and William Clark Green.

Ariel is married to her high school sweetheart, Blake and together they are following their dreams and raising their young family in a small North Texas town.

Ariel is an on-stage advocate for Foster children everywhere. Through her music she hopes to encourage those following her to pursue their every aspiration as she has, whether it be for bright lights or white picket fences . . . or both.

Throughout the course of his career Sundance Head has written and recorded with the likes of ZZ Top, been a top finisher on not one, but two major network talent competitions, had three Number 1 songs on the Texas Music charts, has been singing his entire life and toured with some of the top artists in the business. But his latest accomplishment, his album, Stained Glass and Neon, produced by iconic songwriter and artist Dean Dillon, may just be his most outstanding achievement yet.

Sundance comes by his musical talent honestly, growing up in a household watching and learning from his father Roy Head, who had a hit in the 60’s with “Treat Her Right.” As a boy, he was also heavily influenced by his late older brother’s record collection which was steeped with a myriad of artists like James Brown, Patsy Cline, George Jones, Marvin Gaye and Queen, just to name a few.

During High School he put a band together and began playing gigs and writing non-stop, and with the help of a friend recorded more than 100 hours of tape on his songs in a studio his friend built especially for him. When he met his wife Misty, she began encouraging him to pursue his talent in earnest, and in 2006 Sundance traveled to Memphis to try out for “American Idol.” After several auditions he landed a spot on the show, and ultimately placed in the Top 13 in the competition, impressing the judges with his searing vocals and lung power.

The experience, while fruitful, led him back to Texas where he continued to write and perform. Then came that fateful day he met Dillon and unbeknownst to him, his life was about to change. During that time, Sundance’s wife had also encouraged him to try out for another show, “The Voice,” and this time his unique and powerful voice captured the hearts of America and he won the competition. He found help and guidance from his team captain Blake Shelton and took to the road with him on a portion of his “Doing It To Country Songs” tour in 2017, and also opened shows for Zac Brown Band in addition to playing a slate of his own gigs.


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