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Sudbury, Ontario's Country Artist J.C. Brae Serves Up Some Weekend Vibes on New Single

By Eric Alper.

Sudbury, ON’s country artist J.C. Brae will have you wishin’ it was the weekend already with this, their honky-tonk lovin’ new single, “Savin’ It Up For Saturday Night”.

A self-described “country boy,” this Canuck took his guitar and his dream to Tennessee where he laid the tracks for his first eponymous album. An experience he recalls he’ll “never forget,” Brae leaves it all on the dance floor with this jukebox swingin’ anthem that’s everything you want in a fresh country cut, and more.

An instant country classic, “Savin’ It Up For Saturday Night” is an ode to a familiar sentiment — getting out from under a week of work and using up all you’ve got left to give yourself a right good time out that you’ve earned.

True grit, hillbilly guitars, and an unmistakable country twang, this song dares you to line dance with your sweetheart until you’ve worn the souls down on your Justins before you stumble back to sleep it off till next weekend.

“From sundown to the morning light,” Brae promises on the track, “We’re gonna find us a hardwood floor and dance like we’ve never danced before!”

From the get-go, J.C. Brae has become synonymous with country crowds, mic in hand; compared to industry greats like John Conlee and Conway Twitty, the Sudbury-based musician is no stranger to lighting up the stages and throwing a party en masse. Now with his first EP in hand, Brae has also dropped the mic on an adjacent podcast he utilizes to stay close to audiences of his work. With both projects signifying his dedication to his artistry, and his down-home likeability, Brae is focussed on getting the music out to fans.


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