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Stuart Coupe, The Heart Of The Australian Music Scene For Four Decades, Set To Publish New Book

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: Su Zen

For over four decades, Stuart Coupe has been at the heart of the Australian music scene, experiencing the giddy highs, crushing lows and everything in between that comes along with a life lived in the creative fast lane.

When he wasn’t writing a weekly music column or contributing to dozens of other publications, he was manager of Hoodoo Gurus and Paul Kelly. When he wasn’t trekking to Paris to interview Springsteen or consuming way too much cocaine before interviewing Bob Dylan, he was writing books about the burgeoning New Wave music movement. When he wasn’t organizing tours and publicity for a string of overseas acts, he was establishing ground-breaking indie record labels, or dialling into a generation as the music critic for Dolly (or infuriating them by labelling Duran Duran ‘Yawn Yawn’).

Sometimes, he was doing most of the above all at once. Always at full throttle.

Always with an unwavering belief in the artist, in the art, in the next album,

the next set, the next project, the next big thing.

Shake Some Action tells the story of Coupe’s remarkable life as a music obsessive, one that started in Launceston, Tasmania, but would take him around the world and back, and into the orbit of some of the greatest artists of our time. It’s a book about fandom and the myriad adventures, misadventures and personal costs that come with staying true.


‘Stuart has chaperoned charlatans, tangled with titans and represented

reprobates, but ALWAYS with the best soundtrack. There’s rarely

a delicious music story not blessed with his shadow.’ - TIM ROGERS

‘I always know when I talk music with Stuart I’m going

to get lost down a rabbit hole of unexpected topics

and thought-provoking mayhem.’ - KASEY CHAMBERS

Stuart Coupe is an Australian music journalist, author, band manager, promoter, publicist and music label founder.



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